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The Fresco of Sisinnius and St. Clement

The Basilica di San Clemente is one of the most remarkable early Christian sites in Rome. The current church at street level dates from the 12th century, but it sits atop an earlier 4th century basilica built on the same spot. 1,014 more words

Cretan Dreams and Romance by the Sea

Sauntering down the narrow alleys and streets dimly lit from the depths of family restaurants boasting menus of fresh sea food and romanticised Mediterranean views. A blissful, wonderfully romantic scene to delve into the frightening depths of conspiracy, historical inaccuracy and the meaning of life.  624 more words


Meditating on the Abacedarian Ancient Words of Power

I think it’s been too long since I mentioned everyone’s favorite ancient grimoire, the Greek Magical Papyri, isn’t it?  Yes, it has been too long, especially when there are some real gems in there (and in the related Demotic Magical Papyri) that can help us out to this day, especially since I was reminded not too long ago of one particular selection from the PGM that can help us out in our mathesis work. 1,912 more words


IV Maccabees 1:1 to 2:14

Chapter One
1 Since I am about to exhibit the most philosophical (wisdom-lovingest) argument (logos : the word), whether pious reason is sovereign of passions, I would advise you rightly such that you readily cleave to philosophy (love-of-wisdom). 1,209 more words


Playing our part

Nov 23rd in 534 BC is the first documented instance of Acting.  According to Aristotle it was an Icarian by the name of Thespis who first took on the character of others as an actor, instead of simply narrating their story.   360 more words


World Wide Whiskers

Missy likes taking photos of cats, also during her travels.

Donna sometimes recognises some of the cats and kitties in the pictures.

“You know who that is, Sophie?” She asked me after pointing to this picture. 224 more words


John William Wevers's Notes on the Greek Text... Coming to Logos

The best (only?) complete set of books on the Greek Pentateuch is now up on Pre-Pub through Logos Bible Software: John William Wevers’s Notes on the Greek Text… 168 more words