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A shortened version of  the Greek “Nikolaos”, meaning “victory of the people”.

Cai, Caj, Claes, Claus, Col, Colas, Cole, Colet, Colin, Collin, Kai, Kaj, Kay, Klaas, Klaes, Klas, Klaus, Kolya, Miklos, Mikolas, Miksa, Mykola, Neacel, Nels, Nic, Niccolo, Nichol, Nicholas, Nichols, Nick, Nickie, Nickolas, Nicky, Nico, Nicol, Nicola, Nicolas, Nicolaas, Nicolaos, Nicolau, Nicolaus, Nicolo, Nicos, Niek, Niels, Nigul, Nik, Nika, Nikko, Niklas, Niklaus, Niko, Nikola, Nikolai, Nikolaj, Nikolajs, Nikolaos, Nikolas, Nikolaus, Nikolay, Nikoloz, Niksa, Nikusha, Nils, Nixon, Nykko, etc. 86 more words


Lucian of Samosata: Concerning Sacrifices.1

The introduction to this series may be found here: http://memoirandremains.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/lucian-of-samosata-concerning-sacrifices-introduction

So, concerning their sacrifices – those practicing nonsense – and the festivals and proceedings of the gods; and the things they ask, and the things they pray, and what the know concerning them …one would need to be broken and depressed if he didn’t laugh at their stupidity.

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Hetaera by Suzanne Tyrpak

Where I Got It: Review copy via the author (thanks!).

Publisher: Adytum (2014)

Narrator: Laura Jennings

Length: 7 hours 42 minutes

Series: Book 1 Agathon’s Daughter… 528 more words


Lucian of Samosata: Concerning Sacrifices: Introduction

A Greek writer born about 120 A.D. at Samosata, on the Euphrates in Syria.  He was well known for his critiques and satires. Seyferrt’s dictionary says of him: 309 more words


December 17, 2014: The Prometheus of the New York Night Life

She sits on the steps of the New York Public Library, drinking between lions and cigarette ash.

Hey, babe, your hairs alright. Hey…let’s go out somewhere tonight.

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Strange News

Dolmage: Disability Rhetoric

Dolmage, Jay. Disability Rhetoric. Syracuse University Press, 2013. Print.

In this book, Dolmage presents an historical overview of disability in order to argue three major claims: 453 more words


Simonides, Fr. 17: Don't Say Anything About Tomorrow

“Since you are a human being, never mention what happens tomorrow
Nor, if you see a lucky man, say how long he will be so. 69 more words