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new round of negotiations between the leader of the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek

Met with the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, “Darwish seen Ihsanoglu,” the leader of the management of the southern part of the island, Rumi, “Nikos Onastasiades”, in a new round of ongoing negotiations between the two halves The two leaders met in the buffer zone between the two parts of the island, hosted by “Lisa Boatenhim,” Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Cyprus, in the presence of the Turkish Cypriot negotiator “estimated Ozrsaa”, and his counterpart Rumi “Andreas Mavroyiannis.” After the meeting, he visited “Ihsanoglu seen,” and “Onastasiades”, Laboratory of Anthropology of the Commission for Missing Persons, in the buffer zone, while expected to be held “Boatenhim” held a press conference after the meeting.


An device for injected fluid into the ear. Greek “otenkitis” < “oto-“=ear + “kein”=to pour + “-tis”=noun-forming suffix.


Luna s Journey to Lesvos!

Greece! Have friends there! Always felt so close to them! But never been there untill last summer. It was a daily trip to Chios, but enough to admire the untouched traditions and laziness of heat! 92 more words


Homer, Odyssey 22. 11-14

“Murder wasn’t on his mind at all.

Who would think that one man alone among many dinner guests

Even a really strong one, could contrive a wicked death… 6 more words


Zeus - The Greek God in Ancient Mythology

The Greeks had numerous gods and many stories and myths that surrounded them. They built temples and offered sacrifices to their major gods. Here are some of the major Greek gods. 404 more words


TED Talk: Stereotypes - Funny Because They Are True

Stereotypes – Funny Because They Are True

TED Talk: Katerina Vrana

Post by Jennifer Kiley

Post Thursday 24th July 2014

ONE FUNNY WOMAN… 144 more words


Thought For The Day

An old man says he complained only once in all his life, when his feet were bare and he had no money to buy shoes. 28 more words