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Αθήνα, Ελλάδα [Athens, Greece] - Part 2

Welcome back to my extremely delinquent post on Athens. For as brief as my trip was, it’s certainly taking a long time to publish my favorite dishes. 1,250 more words

On The Road

Orestes’ Course of Action in the Aeschylus Trilogy if He Lived In the Modern Day

Let’s first go over the simple account of what happened to cause Orestes’ original course of action.

Orestes’ father, Agamemnon, was killed by his adulterous mother because, like Clytaemnestra, he was an adulterer, but more so because he sacrificed their daughter to appease the winds of Thrace. 311 more words

Subject: English

Review: Aristotle Detective

Margaret Doody’s Aristotle Detective series makes the perfect light reading for any classics enthusiast (read: Johnnie).  How are her characters, plot, dialogue, writing style?  All quite average, nothing strikingly bad or strikingly good about them.   707 more words

Tirade Tyrant: Water Dressed in Brown

I never wanted things to go this way. I have to give up though, and I am giving up.

You see, when I was just a young guy, bangin’ around the city and enjoying the cooler summers and colder winters in a distant life, I could always count on that great cuppa from the bodega. 521 more words


Astoria's Own Outstanding Super Bowl Sweet!

Super Bowl party planning is probably well underway, and if you’re looking for an awesome dessert to serve your guests, or yourself, we’ve got a secret weapon right here in Astoria. 141 more words

Crete, 1

Ross Daly is a British-born musician of Irish decent who has been living in Crete for decades. In addition to being immersed in Greek music, he is also familiar with Iranian and northern Indian traditions. 23 more words


Ottolenghi's 'Prawns, Scallops & Clams with Tomato & Feta'

Being aware of how many Ottolenghi fans are out there, I’ll be surprised if there aren’t at least a few of you who have tried this dish already! 592 more words

Gather And Graze