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Η Αννα Βίσση στο «Αρείων» στην Πάτρα

Μεγάλη χαρά έδωσε στους πατρινούς φαν της Αννας Βίσση, η είδηση ότι η δημοφιλής τραγουδίστρια η αλλιώς «η απόλυτη ελληνίδα σταρ» καταφθάνει στην Πάτρα για μία και μοναδική εμφάνιση μέσα στο Νοέμβριο.

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Square Boy

This little joint has been around for a long time and I’ve been hearing about it for more than a decade so why did it take this long for me to try it? 212 more words


Modern Greek House Design Exploring Traditional and Up-to-Date Design

The island of Kea in Greece seemed the perfect location to settle down and enjoy magical breezes serpent among olive trees. This modern House in Kea was seen by architects Marina Stassinopoulos and Konstantios Daskalakis as an opportunity to employ the island’s traditional building prac…


A disease that is widespread. Latin “epidemia”=prevalence of a disease < Greek “epidemios” < “epi-“=upon” + “demos”=the people.


Writing Research: Πλούτων & χθόνιος

Let’s talk about my favorite kind of deity in mythology. It’s a special Greek-based kind, deriving from χθόνιος or khthonios, which I think should mean “of the earth” and more specifically means “ 181 more words

Thousand Nights

Jewish Presence in Asia Minor — Andriace Part 2

In a previous post I emphasized the importance of the synagogue that was found at Andriace (a port visited by Paul).  In the remains of the synagogue a number of marble plaques were found.  408 more words


Επέτειος του ΟΧΙ

On the 28 October 1940, the Greeks said ‘No’ to the Italians when they were offered an ultimatum to either allow the axis power to occupy Greece or face war. 97 more words