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Fashion in Ancient Greece

Fashion in ancient Greece was basically DIY, they used a rectangular piece of cloth as a garment, blanket, or a shroud. The cloth used as garments were specially handspun at home, and the cloth which was used mostly was wool which is a little ironic because the weather in Greece back then was burning hot. 295 more words

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Amazing Greek Interior Design And Style Tips (40 Pictures)

What is the first thought that comes to your mind on hearing “Greece”? Let me guess.. sun, sea, Santorini, maybe Mykonos. What about the Greek interior design? 34 more words

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Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Zorba The Greek

One of the most successful instrumental performers in pop history, trumpeter Herb Alpert was also one of the entertainment industry’s shrewdest businessmen: …

An Alternative System of Stoicheia

Far be it from me, a ceremonial magician, to take something simple without introducing some complexity or confusion into it.

In continuing and reviewing my mathesis and Greek language-based mysticism research, there’s one modern book that’s invaluable to my studies: … 1,222 more words


Step by step: How to make Baklava

Baklava. Aromatic, sweet, nutty….It really is more, much more, than the sum of it’s parts.

I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks, visiting family in the USA. 336 more words

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Spiro's Plaza Cafe - Columbus, OH

I recently went on a job interview where the owner of the company invited me to breakfast so that we could discuss my qualifications over a plate of eggs (free breakfast? 724 more words


From the Greek word “agathos”, meaning “good”, by way of the Latin name “Agathe”.

Agata, Agathe, Agda, Agi, Aggie, Aggy, etc. 37 more words