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2800 year-old farm house unearthed near Rosh Ha’ayin in central Israel - Excavation director Amit Shadman says massive 23 room compound was used during Assyrian, Persian and Hellenistic periods...Alexander the Great coin found at site

Times of Israel: Israeli archaeologists uncovered an ancient farmhouse in the area of modern day Rosh Ha’ayin, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Monday.

The structure is believed to be 2,800 years old, and consists of 23 rooms. 170 more words


Zechariah Chapter 4 - A Hint to Chanukkah

I first want to wish anyone who celebrates Chanukkah, for you and your family to have a “Simcha Chanukkah, filled with A’Hava”.

There is a hint to the seven branch menorah and adding two olive branches… which would give you the nine branched Chanukeha…. 846 more words

Hanukkah For Dummmies

In 168 BC,
Things looked badly for the Jews,
It seemed the Greek emperor,
Wanted them to worship Zeus.

The Jews they didn’t like this, 353 more words


Chanukah - Not for the Lactose Intolerant

So those that have celebrated Chanukah in the past, or are new to it, may have noticed an abundance of dairy dishes on the menu. So continuing on yesterday’s theme, other than being DELICIOUS, why do we eat dairy on this holiday? 226 more words


Sunday Wine Down: Ancient Wine

Welcome, to the very first Sunday Wine Down for IPoA. Ashley and I sat down and decided that we should add a bit more education to our blog. 1,140 more words

Ancient Wine

I am an Etruscan!

In the year 800 BC, you could earn a king’s fortune by making something good, perhaps with new materials or a new technique, putting it on a ship, sailing it around the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Black Sea, and either trading it or selling it. 980 more words


Fury, angst, cock-eyed history, Dame Janet Suzman and ancient Greek theatre

Dame Janet Suzman recently made some cock-eyed remarks about theatre being a ‘white invention’, it coming from the (ancient) Greeks via Shakespeare, provoking a lot of fury, angst and uncertain history. 1,075 more words