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Weekend Recap {4/14}

Hello Friends!
I know I have been MIA these past few months, but I am back! Hopefully you guys are still with me here!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL here this past weekend which makes having a great weekend that much easier ;) 442 more words

Welcome to Fraternity Life

In undergrad, I had little to do with Greek life. Freshman year, I briefly considered rushing until I looked at all the rules and required outfits. 4,065 more words

Frannie Loves - Orthodox Easter

In Greece, Easter is the main event of the year, one where food, naturally, plays an important role.  It is also very much celebrated in the countryside as most city-dwellers go back to their villages and islands of origin to be with their extended family and enjoy the seasonal culinary delights of their home region. 1,740 more words


` Greece Riot over the Opening of Shops on Sunday resulting in Clashes with Riot Police and Tear Gas '

#AceWorldNews – GREECE – April 13 – (RT) – Two people have been injured as Greeks rioted over the opening of shops on Sunday. Hundreds of protesters gathered in Athens’ main shopping district, resulting in clashes with riot police who tried to disperse the protesters with tear gas. 79 more words

Ace News Desk

Analyzing Rudeness - A Rant

Yesterday I had perhaps my first serious rudeness incident in Sweden. I was shocked. People in Sweden generally are not rude in the sense that they avoid conflict and confrontation. 1,056 more words

Humans On Earth

A Cold Bold Story Left ToThe Old

“Who are you stranger’”  “I sir am a stranger only until you get to know me Then I become a complete stranger I am Robin Forest of Sherwood On The Hood Late of Sussex Pretext Prefix and new of Rolodex My dog is Rex my father is Tex and Mother lives in Tex-Mex and my sister is known as Lex I fear she is a little lax but that is mere conjecture ”  “Let’s all relax  I was just wondering If I sat down and then stood up and then sat down again Would I could I relapse ” ” Don’t rightly know That’s a question that would startle Aristotle He might hit the bottle ”  ” Aristotle Aristotle Isn’t he right-handed played third base for the Roman Legion  last season ” ” No I think you are thinking of Galileo who later invented mayo and later opened the Mayo Clinic which made him unique Some say he was Greek but that was just a rumor that got spread around ” Don’t fret I am not through yet…………………….


odyssey book 13

This was a very fun book to read. I loved it. Hi guys here for your daily dose of summary and fun. Please don’t thank me. 203 more words