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The Future of Green Building

Our conversation today examines the future of green building through two different lenses. First, we discuss human rights and race relations as it relates to equal access to green buildings and a healthy environment with Francisco Salinas, Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion at Boise State University. 435 more words

Green Building

Building on Zero House Without the House

Given my departure from Colorado, I decided to make the project more productive since I was in the western U.S.  I stopped

off to see my mother in Phoenix, Arizona.   451 more words

Cordwood Million Dollar Mansion

Cordwood is often built to save money using locally available materials.  However, sometimes cordwood is built to impress, and here is a fine example.  This million dollar cordwood lodge was constructed in 1995, by a wealthy family from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   356 more words

Cordwood Construction

The AIA 2030 Commitment: Don't Miss Out

Fear of missing out. FOMO. It’s a thing.

A form of social anxiety, it’s that compulsion to know what other folks are doing just in case they might be having more fun than you. 558 more words

AIA 2030 Commitment


The US Green Building Council introduced the latest version of LEED to the industry at the Greenbuild International Conference this past October. The LEEDv4 certification focuses on challenging the industry to evolve to higher standards and embrace a more holistic implementation of sustainability within construction. 251 more words


Lightweight 'solar cloth' photovoltaics for Integration with Building Structures

A Cambridge start-up believes its flexible solar panelling solution could fundamentally change the landscape of solar installation in the commercial sector.

The Solar Cloth Company’s award winning flexible thin film photovoltaics (FTFP) are a few micrometres thick and can be integrated into flexible and lightweight tensile structures called building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

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Power Production

Benefits of Tiny Offices

The growing interest in downsizing living spaces is spreading to the workplace through the new trend of tiny offices in Florida. In a culture where we are used to thinking “bigger is better,” it is important to remember that going back to the basics also has big advantages. 305 more words