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Four Things You Can Clean With Eggshells

Easter is coming up, and that means that eggshells are probably going to play a bigger role in your life than they do any other time of year – whether it’s dying them with your kids, or walking on them at Easter dinner with your in-laws. 175 more words

I love being able to clean my house without harsh chemicals.

 You will understand why Norwex has a less than .5% return rate because once you try these products you will love them!

You can use your Norwex cloths to clean your kitchen, wipe out your refrigerator, wipe counters, wash floors, walls, woodwork, wipe down sticky chairs or greasy fingerprints, clean your bathroom, remove tape residue, wash your car inside and out, remove spots from your carpet and upholstery, and just about anything else you can think of. 440 more words

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Written by Christy Hansen
an Instagram Follower & doTERRA Wellness Advocate
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Why I Began Using Essential Oils—

I am fairly new to using Essential oils so by no way think I’m a PRO or know it all about them but in the short 6 months of using them I am hooked! 605 more words

Using Essential Oils

Cheap & Easy Natural Laundry Detergent

Does anyone else think laundry detergent is stupid expensive? Seriously, twelve bucks for a large tub of Tide? No thanks.

Because I do not have limitless funds, I went searching for some natural household products that I could make cheaply. 160 more words

The Best (and most fun) Toilet Bowl Cleaner I've Used

Also a great way to get your older kids to help clean :)

Chemical cleaners were a huge contributing factor to the health problems I developed in college.   262 more words

Essential Oils

Tuesday's Tips - All Natural DIY Cleaners for Your Spring Cleaning.

Spring has sprung and it’s time for that annual overhaul we call spring cleaning. This usually means a total purge of all things excess. A round-up of dust buffalo, because the dust bunnies have somehow mutated into near sentient beings. 263 more words

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10 Ways to Live Green Today

Living green has many benefits. It’s healthier, saves money, protects the environment, and more. It’s not hard to do either. You can start living green today actually. 335 more words

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