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Sustainability Pays: 3 Green Companies Making Money

We often imagine that for companies, there’s a trade-off between being profitable and being green. We assume that maximum profitability is achieved by ignoring the environment and that green companies have to settle for mediocre performance while doing right. 33 more words


Best Eco-Friendly Shoes For Kids

I love to promote companies that are truly eco-friendly. We need to raise awareness and buy green whenever possible! Here are 3 great kid shoes companies that I adore (in no particular order). 317 more words


Lego Quits Shell! Plus, a Fun Eco-Friendlier Way to Play (Pley)

As a mom of a Lego-obsessed child, I was pretty stoked when I read this article from Huffingtonpost.com about Lego ending its 50-year relationship with Shell over oil drilling in the Arctic. 181 more words