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Thai Green Curry Chicken 泰式綠咖哩雞

For people who love spicy food, this will be a dish you will be addicted to!!! Very aromatic and full of spices, the Thai green curry is a great match with all kinds of vegetables. 247 more words


Thai Green Vegetable Curry

I love this curry so much, I carefully ration the number of times I make it.

I never, ever want to run the risk of familiarity breeding contempt. 656 more words



This is a sample of some colors I am working with at the moment. Can’t get enough of that green curry & gray combo!



Vegan Thai green curry

You ever cook something and think “wow, this is terrible!” And consider never cooking again? Alternatively, have you ever made something in the kitchen and said to yourself “wow, I am awesome!” ? 358 more words


The Basil Leaf: Some Like It Hot, So Let's Turn Up The Heat Till We Fry

Jerry and I are pepper heads. We love spicy Asian food. The hotter; the better. My parents however prefer mild but flavorful dishes. This can make take-out for the four of us tricky. 1,025 more words


Nong Khai Beer House @ Golden Mile Complex

One of life’s little ironies is that the cuisines of some majority-Buddhist countries can also be the least vegetarian friendly. Thai food is a case in point, as most dishes centre around pork, chicken, or seafood (or seafood-derived stock/sauce). 597 more words


Chicken Curry*

This recipe comes from Bangkok whilst we were traveling we went for a cookery course. Once you buy the main ingredients the rest is simple. Make it as spicy as you like by altering the number of chillies used (I don’t like spice). 228 more words