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Working Class Zero

“When the frustration begins to crush you down,

You see the working class hero frown.


There are times when he can not take it anymore. 112 more words


Revisiting Holden (writing prompt)

As the Daily Post asked, I glanced at my bookshelf this morning to choose what the first book I’d love to sit and reread when I had the time. 258 more words

Lea Therman on Saturday

Kicking out the jams, and getting quite the workout – music rocks.

Just a few pics from my very outdated camera. The art of jamming on the weekend. 33 more words


Poetry Slum Contest: Win a Green Day CD!

Diane, I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies used Green Day Shenanigans CD (circa 2002). This is Green Day before the era of… 295 more words


It's Friday; I'm in Love #54

I suppose the first (and most) positive detail of the week that I should share is the fact that Dan and I got engaged. He asked me after Boston Comic-Con, while we were at a park in Boston by the ocean–and also about two minutes after the words, “Ew…a wedding,” came out of my mouth. 448 more words

It's Friday; I'm In Love

Musical Rant: Digipak Blues

Once upon a time, when you could still find a payphone on every corner, there was nothing like busting open a brand new CD. Sure, the plastic wrap was aggravating, but once you won that battle, you couldn’t wait to break out the booklet and start flipping through it. 745 more words