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Things That Bring me Happiness

Everyone has a thing or things that bring a smile to their face, that can turn even the shittiest day better. For me, it’s a nice latte, sitting on the beach with the wind in my face, listening to my favorite music, watching Looney Tunes, sparkling pink moscato,  or adding to my Hello Kitty collection. 716 more words


Girl, uninterrupted, interrupted, erupted (writing prompt)

I’ve got ten minutes to write, and I know I’m in trouble when Ducksauce enters the department. She’s my favorite librarian, and she resides in the cubicle next to mine. 474 more words

10 Years of Being an American Idiot

September 20, 2004 will forever be an important day for Green Day fans everywhere. It’s when the band’s landmark album American Idiot came out and believe it or not, it’s 10 years old. 754 more words


On band names.

“I don’t know, I listen to a lot of bands.”
“Like who?”
“Like Falling in Reverse, Green Day, The Offspring…”
“Wait – there’s a band that’s like, the kids from Green Day?” 18 more words

High School

What is Pop Punk? Continued.

So I’m stoked that you wanted to continue reading (or in this case, read the full answers of the fans I interviewed)!

Alrighty, here we go: 1,237 more words

Pop Punk