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Weekly Garden Inspiration

This was taken in Tokyo, Japan, a city that has urban green spaces on lock.


Shape in Context

The natural world has many examples of adaptation to climate. The northern white-tailed deer has a lower surface area to volume ratio than does its more diminutive southern cousin and radiates less body heat per unit of mass, allowing it to stay warmer in the colder climate.   247 more words

Architecture Of The Fittest

Living with Plants

I have been on a plant kick lately. It started with a peace lily in my living room, to adding several additional plants all over my apartment. 95 more words

Interior Design

Farming in Suburbia

Apparently building a neighborhood around a farm is a new housing fad. At least, it is according to this article from Smithsonian Magazine, which profiled a few Development Supported Agriculture (DSA) neighborhoods around the U.S. 534 more words


Efficient Structures Help Build a Sustainable Future

When envisioning a new structure, engineers often have to balance design choices against the environmental impact of materials used. It is estimated that 40 to 50 percent of greenhouse gases are produced by the construction industry, according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. 338 more words


RU Installs Drip Irrigation System for Community Garden at Schaumburg Campus

by Mary Beth Radeck

The Environmental Sustainability team at Roosevelt University’s Schaumburg campus teamed up in late June to install the first-ever drip irrigation into the community garden, now in it third growing season in 2014. 275 more words