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Akatsuki no Yona releases new trailer

Akatsuki no Yona aka Yona of the Dawn today released a new promotional trailer that gave their audience hints of soon to be debuting characters: 59 more words


Hobbits in Hobbiton

This is a treat for all the Lord of the Rings Fans out there! It is also for those of you who, on various occasions, refer to me and Jose as hobbits because we are short. 324 more words

Kathryn's Experience in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful place to be at. Oh, how to began. Well, I guess I’ll start with the most exciting things we did! Well, as you can imagine, we had to go and see Hobbiton.   371 more words

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Hobbiton - Land of hobbits and delicious cider

As part of Andy’s birthday present I organised a trip to Hobbiton in Matamata.  He didn’t look that excited about it though I was so really it was a present to myself.   708 more words


My Adventures as a Kiwi

Originally, I was thinking that I would just give my KDL followers a few teaser posts as I made the transition over to The Wonderful World of the Wanderer… 56 more words



As I entered the bus my first encounter was from my driver, who clearly loves his job. Upon telling him my name and reservation number, he responded with, “Have a seat; you are now officially a hobbit!” This upbeat and fun attitude continued throughout the ride to the set and was still waiting for us upon finishing our tour. 676 more words

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Lost Mine of Phandelver ~ NPCs: Venomfang

Venomfang, a large young green dragon, keeps watch over her wooded hold. An eerie green mist hangs over the land under her watch. The woods seems unnaturally thick, thorn-covered vines grip most that enters and make passage all but impossible. 37 more words

Lost Mine Of Phandelver