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World Resources Institute Publishes Renewable Energy Cost Comparison Factsheet

17 November 2014: The World Resources Institute (WRI) has launched a factsheet that enables better cost comparisons of electricity from renewables and fossil fuels by identifying key factors to consider, namely: type of user; supply options; and factors that impact additional costs and benefits, such as environmental risks or financial incentives. 308 more words

Alternative Energy

Google Wind

Google is giving us so many lovely things, which can be extremely nice when the advertising is not heavily involved. On the other hand, Google has to eat. 198 more words

How Blu-ray Discs Can Improve Solar Panels

Blu-ray discs could help make the solar cells used in solar panels more efficient, researchers say.

Solar cells rely on materials that convert photons of light into electricity… 352 more words


Solar Cloth, Staples Gets Into the Solar Act, and More!


Hmmm… which one, which one…. This is a trick question, right?

OO US: SunEdison, TerraForm Buy First Wind to Become Renewable Project Giant… 165 more words

Reflection on Solar Power International in Las Vegas

Snow is falling. Winter is coming.  It is the first snow this year.  The world is covered in white blanket.  Las Vegas memory seemed to be in a distance. 394 more words


90% of Ontario's wind subsidies benefit a select few multinationals: study

(November 25, 2014) Subsidies given to Ontario’s wind farm owners largely benefit a select few multinational corporations, a new Energy Probe study shows. 304 more words

Reforming Ontario's Local Electrical Distribution Sector

The Coming Blackout Epidemic

Nafeez Ahmed writes for Motherboard:

‘​Industrialized countries face a future of increasingly severe blackouts, a new study warns, due to the proliferation of extreme weather events, the transition to unconventional fossil fuels, and fragile national grids that cannot keep up with rocketing energy demand. 214 more words