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Can grass-roots innovation be scaled-up through the design and maintenance of social and policy networks?

The states are the “laboratories of democracy. ” They are often the source of new policy ideas, including new strategies for encouraging investment in renewable energy. 248 more words

Energy Efficiency

Redesigning the energy sector

How we can use synergies in the energy sector to create a bigger share of renewable energy

There are massive challenges in the pursuit of the dramatically steep rise in sustainable energy. 375 more words


From Guest Blogger Alicia: Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using Renewable Energy

All sources of renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass, provide not only substantial benefits for our climate and environment, but for our economy and health as well. 573 more words

Renewable Energy

Will Burgh Island Hotel become greener

Burgh Island Hotel is a privately owned property/building/business, which is remarkably popular because used for several filming locations including Agatha Christie novel, the Hercule Poirot mystery “ 372 more words


"Dueling Ideologies" Searcher- Alex Restrepo

“Dueling Ideologies: Green vs. the Oil and Gas Scene,” is a Q&A of hot topics in the oil industry being answered by two different perspectives; Ben Aylife, head of Greenpeace, a campaigning organization to address global energy problems and David Blackmon, with a 33 year career in the O&G industry addressing public policy issues. 147 more words

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Income inequality – The biggest lie?

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party are running on the “War on Rich People”, otherwise dubbed the income inequality issue this year. Supposedly, the answer to all our ills is to take the money from the rich and give it to the poor. 805 more words