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Spray Foam Insulation In Tucson AZ | Attic Insulation Contractor

Green Energy Solutions is a Spray Foam Insulation service in Tucson AZ . Call us and ask about our attic insulation specials (520) 447-3512   256 more words

Green Energy

Wind Power Sends German Power Market Into Chaos

With the introduction of unreliable and intermittent wind power comes the risk of widespread blackouts, social and economic chaos. However, to avoid the consequences, grid managers in Germany are paying conventional generators huge premiums to compensate for wind power “outages” – and the costs of doing so are starting to bite – not that the generators mind. 881 more words

Big Wind Industry

POST #024: Solar Independence: It's three technologies in one!

Why is this idea of solar independence catching on now, and not, say, 50 years ago? Because practical solar living required big improvements in not one, but three different industries: solar panels, batteries, and consumer electronics. 159 more words

POST #023: Off-grid is a verb because I say it's a verb

Somebody said to me yesterday, “Hey, you forgot the verb in ‘go off-grid;’ you just said ‘off-grid.'”

I said, “I was using off-grid as a verb.” 144 more words

5 Reasons to Be Fuel Efficient

Easy and practical reasons why you should cut down on your fuel usage:


This seems like the obvious answer. Gas costs money, and the less gas you use the more money you save. 239 more words

Regenerative Leadership Institute: What is Water Resources Management?

Water is the most essential natural resource for all life in the planet and it is vital for ecosystem functioning and human well-being. If going to facts and figures about water, of all the water resource only three percent water is usable or fresh water and out of it two third of this freshwater is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. 399 more words

Green Energy