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Germany rethinks renewable energy

“Going green” hasn’t worked out as planned

Electricity consumers—families and businesses—in the 28 countries of the European Union are finding that the road to greener power is full of bumps. 850 more words


How Green Energy is Fleecing Ontario Electricity Consumers

(Hat tip to Mr. McKitrick for the heads up on this article)

Ross McKitrick and Tom Adams — Financial Post — October 29, 2014

Adding renewable generating capacity triggers changes throughout the system that multiply costs for consumers…

347 more words
Wind Turbines

Highway to steak leads to green power

Bruce found that business travel to Alberta and Texas wasn’t compatible with green living. Here’s a picture of the “walk” to the local steak house in Houston: 114 more words

Oil Prices: A Fluctuation or Long Term Shift

As someone who has spent my few years having a license being driven around by friends, I have never paid much attention to gas prices. However, when people would complain about high prices, I would occasionally point out that New Jersey had not only some of the lowest prices in the country, but in the world. 384 more words

Gas Prices

Electric-Car Drivers Trading Gas for Solar Power

Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight.

Solar panels installed on the roof of a home or garage can easily generate enough electricity to power an electric or plug-in gas-electric hybrid vehicle. 776 more words


Solar energy gets a "tree"mendous new look

A new “tree” of solar energy may be the future. The articles says that one tree can power up to 35 laptops! Perhaps the days of sitting in Starbucks and looking for internet cafes are over? 11 more words

Scholarship/Creative Work

‘Moral Mondays’ Launched in Western PA

Protesters Rally for Officials to ‘Do the Right Thing’

People gather at the Beaver County Courthouse to raise awareness of several social and economic issues. 714 more words

Trade Unions