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We have to say we’ve developed a bit of a crush, really.



Tea is rocking it in Spring Summer 14 HOT PINK silk dupioni and 100% linen jacket. Fresh ECO.

A week and a bit left to Fashion Art Toronto (FAT)!!! 41 more words


Amourt Vert- San Francisco

Amour Vert has become one of our favorite eco-friendly brands for multiple reasons. 1. They’re based in San Francisco- beyond the style of the natives, we love to see Made in the USA brands thinking green. 98 more words


Glad you found the site, because we’re here to help you find the most ethical brands in the fashion industry. .COLLECTIVE ETHICS has been formed on the dire necessity for change in one of the most vain, over-consuming, and impractical industries on the planet- fashion- where our heart definitely lies, but aches for change. 152 more words

Plant-based: Phoebe Philo's Céline Stores + Runway

I was recently discussing interior design plans with a close friend and he specifically said that he wanted, “a plant that looks like the ones in Céline stores.” Uh, ok? 302 more words


Is there something naturally flawed about clothes made from Non-Organic crops & fabrics? After all cotton is “NATURAL” isn’t it ?

There’s a lot of deliberate confusion created in the marketplace by companies that don’t want to go to the effort or expense of making their products truly environmentally friendly for people and the planet by getting organic certification. 458 more words

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