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Styling new looks with old clothes - Le Rouge et le Noir

Another endeavor of mine to bring some lively color to the black tone of Italian winter fashion.

A few years ago when I first moved to Italy, my mother-in-law used to judge my style of fashion, for example when I was using a green color bag in winter to carry laptop. 156 more words


Styling new looks with old clothes - the charm of beige

Beige is a classic color for all seasons. I must say I feel happily unique of dessing in beige when being overwhelmed by the black tone of Italian winter fashion. 72 more words


Sustainable Clothing : 7 Easy Ways

We dress up everyday for various purposes – office, shopping, casual wayfaring, party, religious places, or even at home and so on and so forth. So dressing is as essential and habitual as eating, bathing, sleeping etc. 351 more words


Styling new looks with old clothes -- Deep Purple

The paring of deep purple is meant to bring some reviving colors to the dark tone Italian winter fashion. And to salute to the legendary English Band Deep Purple even though I didn’t really enjoy their concert in Shanghai dated back to year 2004. 113 more words

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The fashion world needs designers who are innovative and daring, futuristic and forward thinking. Not only in the sense of  shapes, styles and colours, but with the way they see their own role as leaders of where the clothing industry is heading. 473 more words

Conscious Fashion Buying

Call GG

Are you wanting to make the step towards becoming a more conscience consumer but totally confused at where to start? I was in a similar situation not long ago, so I was relieved to learn about… 173 more words

Fashion Week SD: Alpaca Couture

The team behind Alpaca Couture is Welsh designer, Antonella Commatteo and grass roots rancher, Wade Von Giessen. All designs were created with actual alpaca fleece. In the last few years there has been a greater push for utilizing natural fibers, and Alpaca Couture is at the forefront of this movement being one of the only fashion labels to use alpaca fleece in its designs. 72 more words