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Case Study: A RAIN Home Visit

Main water related concerns:
• Multiple downspouts connected directly to aging storm sewer laterals
• Back and side yard area graded towards the house
• Moisture and effervescence in basement… 575 more words


Edible Plants in your very own yard!

It’s surprising to know how many plants out there are actually edible. It’s not just the plants in your vegetable garden that are edible. You can also eat a selection of ornamental plants, and even weeds! 434 more words

Green Gardening

Climate Change Action of the Month: Backyard Harvest

Meet Russ.

If you head down to the Locke Street Farmers Market you can meet Russ Ohrt from Backyard Harvest, an urban agriculturalist and someone who has made the conscious decision to live more sustainably.  377 more words

Green Gardening

Top Gardening Tips

Walking round the slums of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia a few years ago, I was struck by the flowers growing outside the homes. We were staying with a remarkable woman called Jember Tefera: great grandniece of Haile Selassie who has dedicated her life to working in the poorest slum areas in one of the poorest cities of the world. 624 more words


RAIN Home Visit Series - Getting water off the roof

This is the second post in the RAIN Home Visit series. It will answer that ‘where do I start’ question. Even though each property has its own unique drainage situation, there are still general guidelines that all homeowners should follow. 348 more words


A week in the garden

It’s been a week of more rain than sunshine. Not that I’m complaining… neither are the plants! The water butt is full as are the watering cans and the buckets and potting tray are trying to catch up too: 524 more words

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Xeriscaping - Water Wise Gardening

Would you like a garden that is low maintenance and stress free? A xeriscape garden is just for you!

Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces the need for extra watering or irrigation as an alternative to various types of traditional gardening. 327 more words