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Gardening in Acidic Soil

Along the pH Scale (which ranges from 1-14) acidic soil is when your soil is ranked below a 7 and a rating of 7 is the ideal pH level for your plants to succeed in. 476 more words

Green Gardening

Climate Change Action of the Month: HIEA

Trees Please!

There’s been a lot of concern and interest in climate change in the City of Hamilton lately with the development of  a Community Climate Change Action Plan… 246 more words


Switch To Organic Gardening By Using These Tips

Although the food we eat is relatively safe because it is protected in some part by the government, dangerous pesticides still cause a lot of damage. 319 more words

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Gardening in the Shade

Having a garden on your property is beneficial in many ways, but sometimes we’re challenged when there’s a tree blocking the sun, a fence or even when the direction of the sun just doesn’t quite reach the area where you want to plant. 240 more words

Green Gardening

Case Study: A RAIN Home Visit

Main water related concerns:
• Multiple downspouts connected directly to aging storm sewer laterals
• Back and side yard area graded towards the house
• Moisture and effervescence in basement… 575 more words


Edible Plants in your very own yard!

It’s surprising to know how many plants out there are actually edible. It’s not just the plants in your vegetable garden that are edible. You can also eat a selection of ornamental plants, and even weeds! 434 more words

Green Gardening

Climate Change Action of the Month: Backyard Harvest

Meet Russ.

If you head down to the Locke Street Farmers Market you can meet Russ Ohrt from Backyard Harvest, an urban agriculturalist and someone who has made the conscious decision to live more sustainably.  377 more words

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