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My Opinion on The Future of Spider-man Films


Hello interweb, Nate here.  Before I continue I just want to say that my Civil War Review is almost done and will be up  by Monday.  1,067 more words


One For the Road - Green Goblin

A curious relic from 90s-era Marvel, Green Goblin was the publisher’s attempt to turn Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis into a full-blown superhero. They had similar success with the Punisher and Venom, though the Goblin posed an interesting challenge, in that the identity’s first bearer, Norman Osborn (who was dead at the time in Marvel’s universe), had murdered Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, and was such a horrifying monster he screwed up his son Harry (who also took over the role before dying, also temporarily)(Only Gwen has remained dead out of this group). 610 more words


Spider-Man Pitch, part 2


Though believed to have a great rogues gallery, Spider-Man really just has a few standouts (the Goblins, Venom, Lizard, Doc Ock,) and a bunch of cool looking gimmicks. 877 more words

And when she was bad...

David Fincher’s Gone Girl is yet another example that Fincher is one of the most skilled directors working in Hollywood these days. It is gorgeous to look at, with the various elements of cinematic craft coming together almost to perfection. 488 more words


Cult Comic Essentials: Green Goblin - A Lighter Shade of Green

Before Phil Urich debuted as the deadly new Hobgoblin, he had a brief run at being a hero! But what’s stranger than a heroic Green Goblin? 47 more words


With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens...Chapter Ninety-Five: The Last Year of the Lou Albano Look

1995 was the last time I was able to braid my infamous facial hair, subjugating the structure into facial follicle art with leftover orthodontic rubber bands. 351 more words


Free Ultimate Spider-man character guide

Hey hey, it’s something for the kids from Marvel and its Disney parent. It seems as though outside of a few instances, Disney has been pretty hands off with Marvel. 276 more words