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A New Spider-Man?

Prior to the Amazing Spider-Man reboot, fans were up in arms to see Donald Glover play Spider-Man on the big screen. While the role eventually went to Andrew Garfield, it looks like the actor will finally get his chance to play Spidey. 188 more words


A Look Back: The Amazing Spider Man 2

I’m behind on my movie list, and my husband is doing his best to get me caught up. Tonight – for our Friday night “pizza and a movie at home” date night – he surprised me with  1,014 more words


Comic Closet: Green Goblin

Top 5 Costumes:  Green Goblin

Norman Osborn is nuttier than a bag full of cats.  Or at least he was until recent developments in comics.  Crazy or not, he has always been a thorn in Spider-Man’s side and most likely always will.   776 more words


D: Movie #88 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

D: How can a movie that’s almost 3 hours long – which FEELS 3 hours long – also feel rushed and underdeveloped? The answer is: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 403 more words


'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Reveals Another Deleted Scene

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crammed a lot into a very small space. But there was almost a lot more of it, as deleted scenes like this show. 158 more words


Loki, Ronan and the Green Goblin join Disney Infinity


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Voice Actor Neil Ross discusses his proffession (voice of Shipwreck, Springer, Green Goblin and more)

Voice actor for many nerd favorites such as G.I.Joe’s Shipwreck and Dusty, Transformers Springer, Pryde of the X-men’s Wolverine and even Green Goblin, shared his thoughts via youtube about his profession. 19 more words