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WANTED bees desperately

“If bees were to disappear, the human race would remain five years of life,“ I do not know if Einstein was to say, but certainly whoever said he knew very well what this insect is crucial for the environment and to humans.Meanwhile, you have no certainty about the causes, if not they are very likely to be a set of elements that is favoring the disappearance of bees: insecticides, pesticides, GMOs, air pollution, abrupt climate change, water scarcity, electromagnetism. 685 more words

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Lego re-emerge from the seabed

Have you ever found pieces of Lego walking on the beach? I have not? It means that you have been on the wrong beach!

For 17 years now, similar findings are the order of the day, namely 13 February 1997, when - due to a tidal wave - Tokyo Express from the ship fell into the sea a container that held nearly 5 million Lego pieces targati (incidentally, just a series of accessories dedicated to the seabed). 297 more words

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B-and-Bee: the beehive tent

In nature, there are some perfect lines. If you think the trees, the hills, the perfection of the interior structures of the flowers, tree trunks, hives … 108 more words

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an ecological bicycle, it is possible?

Have you ever thought about assembling a bicycle as you would with a Lego? Now you can with Boske. Its peculiarity is that of not being assembled at the factory: it is sold in pieces inside a box and it is the customer’s responsibility to assemble, one for no. 395 more words

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Urna Bios, a second life as a tree

Hold on, I decided what will I become when I ‘grow up‘! A tree!No, I’m not kidding, I mean really. How can such a thing be possible? 190 more words

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Ecosia -- Searching for trees

As I looked at the blog stats I saw a referrer which I followed and had a great impression. Let me share this impression with you. 728 more words



Lush. Lush. Lush. I LOVE Lush products: natural, hyper colored and fragrant.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I eat them, and very nearly the temptation comes as you walk between shampoos, body products, face masks, massage butters … 367 more words

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