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Urna Bios, a second life as a tree

Hold on, I decided what will I become when I ‘grow up‘! A tree!No, I’m not kidding, I mean really. How can such a thing be possible? 190 more words

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Ecosia -- Searching for trees

As I looked at the blog stats I saw a referrer which I followed and had a great impression. Let me share this impression with you. 728 more words



Lush. Lush. Lush. I LOVE Lush products: natural, hyper colored and fragrant.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I eat them, and very nearly the temptation comes as you walk between shampoos, body products, face masks, massage butters … 367 more words

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Why don't make the World Cup a chance to give a home to many families?

Gone are the World Cup in Brazil, there is now to deal with the huge amount of money spent - it speaks of almost € 11 billion-that brought with it the violent protests that we have seen through the images of the news.Was it really necessary to engage all of those funds for the World Cup, when there are thousands of Brazilian families forced to live on the street? 260 more words

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Virtualization, Green IT, Whats all the hype?

Save energy, go green
Maybe you aren’t a “save the whales” or “tree hugging” type of person. That’s cool. I don’t wear the T-shirts either. But seriously, who isn’t interested in saving energy in 2014? 1,267 more words

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What is Green IT or IT Sustainability

Some people are of the opinion Green IT is a fad…A short lived fancy…Something here today but gone tomorrow…. 385 more words

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blue and white musts of the italian summer

How can a beach be blue?

We talk about that in Sabaudia, in Italy, who a few days ago we have been able to photograph this way: completely covered with blue jellyfish. 149 more words

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