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blue and white musts of the italian summer

How can a beach be blue?

We talk about that in Sabaudia, in Italy, who a few days ago we have been able to photograph this way: completely covered with blue jellyfish. 149 more words

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Put flowers in your lakes

Today we talk about the chinampas.

What is it? A portentous found Aztec agriculture, the so-called ‘floating gardens’.

For all practical purposes it comes to artificial islands built in the shallow waters of Lake Texcoco and able to have an extraordinary production plant with multiple crops in a year. 260 more words

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Everything is NOT awesome

‘Everything is NOT awesome‘ is a video made by the agency Do not Panic, part of the new Greenpeace campaign to protect the Arctic.

Greenpeace is calling on Lego release their brand from Shell which has commercial agreements for use of the logo on toys. 406 more words

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Just did a tupperware inventory -15 round containers and 3 square lids!

No, this did not happen to Limestone County. They had all their ducks in a row……

Lauren Graviet of Limestone County explains how they keep up with their inventory using the BOSS solution… 325 more words

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Solar Today Reports on Solar Jobs, Installer Productivity

Seth Masia reports in the recent issue of Solar Today on the fast growth in productivity of Solar PV installers.

HIs analysis indicates that cheaper and denser PV panels, and other technical improvements have brought down both the cost and the time needed to install solar generation at home and industrial scales. 47 more words

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When technology presents a bill

What is the cost of the technology in environmental terms? How many technological waste are accumulated every year all over the planet and which countries are the most technologically ‘wasteful’? 251 more words

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What is Orchestration and how will WCPD benefit from it?

WCPD will benefit from our Green Datacenter Virtualization project in more ways than one.

A lot of emphasis is being put on the power, heating, cooling savings the company will realize up-front – and rightly so.   274 more words

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