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It's A Dog Eat Hog World in 'Larfleeze' #10

Larfleeze has always been an odd duck in DC’s lantern lineup. The Orange Lantern wields an all-consuming power that has murdered and absorbed thousands of lives — including Green Lanterns — but he’s frequently the comic relief. 379 more words


Capellini: Capuano Spared Means Snow Knows He Failed The Islanders

By Jeff Capellini

Don’t look so down, Jack. You get to keep your job. You have basically been cleared of wrongdoing. Garth Snow, of all people, jumped on the grenade. 1,461 more words


DC: The New Frontier

In which you’ll find a whole lot of white people.

Writer: Darwyn Cooke

Artist: Darwyn Cooke

Collects: DC: The New Frontier #1-6

Year… 797 more words


Injustice Gods Among Us: Review

I spent the better part of yesterday playing through the entire Injustice game. I have never played this game before because when it came out I did not have a console so I had to wait, well… hope, that one day it would come to PC and to my surprise it did. 809 more words


Not Even Superheroes Can Defeat Taxes

uuperhoeDeathIt’s April 15, the most dreaded day on the calendar here in the United States: the day tax returns are due. And no one likes to pay taxes — not even superheroes! 54 more words


One of my Favorite Scenes in Justice League: War

I finally got around to watching Justice League: War. By far it is one of my favorite Justice League ventures that I have participated in watching. 29 more words

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