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With many of my recent projects focussing on topics such as green and natural living, I will now be posting all my blog posts relating to these subjects on my new blog. 7 more words

Green Living

Understanding: Ethical Labels

To kick start my journey toward a greener life, I thought it would be useful to begin with some definitions and facts summarising what is actually considered green, ethical and sustainable. 902 more words
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Earth Day 2014 Resolutions

Another Earth Day has come and gone, begging the question: What will we do differently in the coming year to live more harmoniously with Mother Earth? 745 more words

Earth Friendly Family Vacations - The Greener, The Better

Earth Day celebrations provide participants with ways to take action and make the planet greener, bluer, safer, and healthier through daily actions. Earth friendly family vacations… 239 more words

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What to do with old CDs, cases, and spindles

Compact discs or CDs have been popularly used since the 1990s. It is made of almost pure polycarbonate plastic and its reflective surface is coated with a thin layer of aluminum or sometimes gold. 316 more words

Green Living

What's good: 50 Ways to Help the Planet

忘記在何處找到這個一頁網,簡介 50 個拯救地球之方。人不想在地球日張貼,因為「greenwashing」已經舖天蓋地。這個網站的背景不詳,但提供的貼士確實是很實用的。只是畢竟網站是針對美國人,僅此加入一些關香港事的補充:

1. CHANGE YOUR LIGHT   即使我們都知道 LED 比一般燈膽省電得多,但 LED 燈膽仍然尚未變成主流。

2. TURN OFF COMPUTERS AT NIGHT    唔用的電器要閂是常識吧。

3. DON’T RINSE   男友有個習慣,用完的碗硬係要浸住,但其實要 D 碗易洗,最簡單的方法係即刻洗﹗所以我通常煮完野會即刻洗晒先食,食完即刻洗。 227 more words

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