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Friday My Way!

This past Friday was the opposite of last Friday.

The sitter came, and the kids were totally composed. When I left to run errands, they barely noticed. 588 more words


Rainwater Tank and Hand Pump

A few months ago I finally finished a project of mine. Well, actually it was a few projects that got finished. Firstly our shed got spouting. 206 more words


The Top 3 Things the Average American Needs to Know

There have been several recent news reports about how little the American people know about things going on around them, like world events, science, and political issues. 699 more words


updates and other things.

Since my last update, I have certainly been working on creating less waste (in some areas)- I get discouraged looking around and seeing all of the things in my life that eventually are going to end up in the landfill- but nevertheless, I’m still working on moving forward with less waste. 269 more words

Green Living

An Open Letter to Al Gore

Dear Al,

You probably aren’t going to read this letter, and to be honest, I had second thoughts about writing it.  But I’ll go ahead and write it anyway, because I’m fed up.   496 more words


Fresh eggs...

Am I crazy or do fresh locally raised eggs no longer exist? I am not talking go to the local store and purchase them, but rather contact a person, 92 more words

Green Living

Ordered a new one . . .

I ordered a new wire-guillotine cheese slicer yesterday, but it won’t be used for cheese.  I am getting this one because it was big enough to handle cutting the soap when I make bar soap in our new molds.  69 more words