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Lead, PVC and BPA free lunchboxes for back-to-school 2011

Lead as you know is toxic, which makes it surprising that it is in lunchboxes and backpacks. PVC is toxic as it contains phthalates and lead so it’s important for lunchboxes to be lead-free.  675 more words

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It may be a little earlier than we'd all like to think about this, but school will be starting up again in just over a month! This green mommy blogger gives us the scoop on the toxicity of lunch boxes. The use of lead, PVC and BPA in lunchboxes is dangerous because children hold them in their hands just moments before taking out their food and eating it. To prevent the ingestion of these harmful chemicals, check out her list of safe lunchboxes!


There is a really cool site I was just made aware of recently: http://refashionista.net/

This awesome lady takes thrift store clothing then re-fashions them into something great. 73 more words

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The number of employees in #solar power just surpassed the number of coal miners

Great news for those in favor of the USA increasing the amount of renewable energy production and for those who want to see solar panels succeed! 72 more words

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The most effective way to combat tap #water #pollution

Did you know that 99% of the molecules inside of your body are water? Drinking water is huge! That’s why when we read about contaminates that are in water nowadays that can’t be removed with current water processing plant technologies it felt devastating. 214 more words

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Here chicky chicky chicky...

I’ve started the coop! I cleared a big area, levelled it, dug in foundation blocks, made a level and square base plate that I doubled, sandwiching 2 layers hardware cloth in between. 149 more words

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So much work for an already busy woman! This Vancouver mother, and urban homesteader begins work on her very own chicken coop, while managing a full time job! Kudos for all your efforts to reach self-sustainability; a project we all can take inspiration from.

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Living local, green and gluten free

Who are we?
Two former neighbors still friends living in the same town with a passion for blogging.  133 more words

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Sustainability isn't a dirty word

Living sustainably doesn’t mean living in a tent, wearing clothes made from hemp and eating berries. Although hemp is actually a fantastic material for clothing, being an environmentally conscious shopper doesn’t mean giving up the things you love, it just means being more informed about the decisions you make as a consumer. 203 more words