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6 Marketing Lessons from the FIFA World Cup 2014

It’s over! Brazil 2014 is over.

The last few months witnessed the entire world go gaga over the FIFA World Cup 2014. This global sporting entertainment seemed to eclipse all other news, be it the fickle share market or the glamour and glitz of Bollywood. 1,067 more words

Reviews And Critiques

Nielsen: Doing Well By Doing Good

55% of global respondents in Nielsen’s corporate social responsibility survey were willing to pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact—an increase from 45% in 2011.   82 more words

Sustainable Brands

How Can Intelligent Naivety Help the Climate Movement?

Part 3 in my series on how adopting a challenger brand approach can help change the climate movement.

Now that we’ve got a good grasp of the… 651 more words

What growing Jalapenos can teach us about marketing...

I recently started growing a small number of plants on my balcony. If my Jalapeno plants could teach me about marketing, this is what I think they would say… 364 more words

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LEED Categories as Value Offering to your Building Products Marketing Customers

Leveraging your knowledge of LEED credit categories, particularly for retrofit projects, can go a long way toward showcasing the value you bring to your customers. Much of the opportunity to generate or affect savings in some way occurs through credits related to building system improvements and retrofits/upgrades. 290 more words

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5 Considerations for Building Product Marketers When Adopting a Housing Cause

Adopting a housing cause can begin a partnership that creates a mutually beneficial relationship—if you make smart, strategic choices along the way. Not only will you burnish your image and brand, as well as boost sales, you’ll also do something for the greater good and uplift your community. 292 more words


Defining our Climate Movement Brand(s)

Part two of my series on how adopting a “Challenger Brand” mentality can help the movement to stop climate change.

Before we go into the Challenger Brand credos laid out in “Eating the Big Fish,” we need to understand what exactly is the “brand” part of “Challenger Brand?” 243 more words