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Policy matters

Wayne Mapp asks: So is this going to be the first policy-free election?

One would hope not. We are still getting over the aftermath of the GFC of 2008-2011. 225 more words


Keep the team that's working for NZ

National is working for New Zealand.

Only a party vote for National will enable it to continue with policies that are working for New Zealand. 20 more words


Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins discusses animal treatment

By Jon Hochschartner

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for governor of New York State. Additionally, he is a member of Socialist Party USA… 389 more words

Environment not Green priority

The Green Party has confirmed the environment isn’t their priority, it’s their socialist economic and social agenda which matters most.

Green co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei want to be in a full coalition with Labour and have senior Cabinet positions that reflect their party’s priorities, social justice and the economy. 84 more words


Greens can't read Budget

Oh dear, the Green Party has been trying to claim it’s economically responsible but it can’t even read the Budget:

Russel Norman and the Greens have again confirmed they cannot read Budgets, repeating incorrect claims that the National-led Government is planning multi-billion dollar cuts to health and education spending over the next three years. 239 more words


Sticking to plan

The Pre-election Economic and Fiscal update (Prefu) shows that National has the government’s books back on track to surplus.

But it’s wafer thin and Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf was blunt about the need for continued discipline: 155 more words


Environment not a Green Party priority?

There must be no doubt that the environment is important to the Green Party, but according to NZ Herald the environment is not included in Green policy priorities the environment.  623 more words