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Shortest day and longest night for Labour. Constituency-level analysis of the Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes, Sunday Independent-Millward Brown and Sunday Business Post-Red C polls (21st December 2014)

Adrian Kavanagh, 20th December 2014 

Tomorrow’s Sunday Business-Red C, Sunday Independent-Millward Brown and Sunday Times-Behaviour & Attitudes poll results largely reflects the figures in the  5,608 more words

Fianna Fail

Coalition Match Making

In light of recent polls it seems likely that there will be another hung parliament in May and a coalition to follow. The profiles below will explore what each of the major parties may be looking for in their ideal coalition partner. 634 more words

A Greener, Fairer Norwich: Norwich South Candidate Lesley Grahame #1

By Lesley Grahame

Norwich is a fine, radical city, with a long history of voting progressively. That is one of the many reasons why we have 15 Greens on City Council, and 4 on the County Council. 925 more words


The Green Surge

The British media may be eroticising over the rise of the UK Independance Party at the moment as they win two by-elections and gain two seats in Parliament, but the Green Party are also on the rise as the right and left of British politics fragments, readying for the most unpredictable general election since the end of the second world war. 254 more words


Unrestricted Immigration and the Political Green-Left

Today’s Torygraph reports that Britain’s unregulated labour market, generous welfare system and free NHS health care are a magnet for economic migrants.  No shit Sherlock! 432 more words


Green Party introduces bill to lower voting age from 18 to 5

Fredericton – David Coon, leader of New Brunswick’s Green Party, yesterday introduced a bill to lower the voting age from 18 to 5.

“It’s time we start giving the youngest among us a voice,” Coon explained to a packed crowd in the Legislative Assembly Thursday afternoon. 188 more words