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Why raising the minimum wage and closing the income gap can reduce poverty and create a fairer society for all…

Around a month ago the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) released a report statistically rejecting trickle-down economics and suggesting that income inequality has a negative economic impact. 1,591 more words


Let's have a party!

Less than a hundred days to go now and the pollsters have got their calculators out, busily trying to prophesy how the UK’s upcoming election will turn out. 391 more words


Do the Greens top 18-24 vote share in YouGov Poll?

On the 29th January, this claim was posted on the Young Greens of England and Wales website. A very nice graph was added:

They very kindly provided a link to the You Gov poll in question [1]. 402 more words

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Anti-Everything Protesters Combine in Cost-Saving Demo in London!

London is “The Destination” for Britain’s “anti-everything” protesters today.

Unions, the occupy movement, pro-NHS, anti-capitalists and every other hopeless cause is represented. Not a private sector worker in sight. 140 more words

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19 Common to the Beautiful - Green Party Offer


With only 95 days to go until the election, and swift on the heals on publishing my novel on Kindle, I’m offering to donate £1 from each sale of my book to the Green Party… 456 more words

Defending the status quo: Labour and leftist responses to the Green Surge

Defending the status quo: Labour and leftist responses to the Green Surge
by Ian Sinclair
Open Democracy
29 January 2015

The on-going Green Surge – the Green Party of England and Wales now has… 911 more words


You'd have to be Green to believe the Green Party: two more lies exposed.

“David Cameron and George Osborne believe the only way to persuade millionaires to work harder is to give them more money. But they also seem to believe that the only way to make you (ordinary people) work harder is to take money away.” 1,747 more words