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Where are the ocean heroes of our childhood now? All washed up

Any kid born in the modern era didn’t need to live near the beach to spend huge chunks of childhood under the sea. We danced as Ariel waggled her fishtail to marimba clams in The Little Mermaid; we cried when Willy got free and soaked that one kid; we laughed at Aquaman’s impotent attempts to do something, anything to help the Justice League (attack, seahorses, attack!). 455 more words


Outside the Lines - Pop-Up digital Studio!

Did you get a good laugh at our music video yesterday? Want to make your own? Want a library staff member to walk you through using our equipment? 220 more words


6 reasons Groot is your new favorite superhero

This summer’s blockbusters gave us plenty to pontificate about: interspecies identity politics in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes; the fetishization of cars/industrial weaponry in Transformers; climate resilience and the ongoing U.S. 538 more words


Libraries Make Room for Makerspace

When technology advances libraries are tasked with staying relevant to the community and often need to expand the scope of what services they provide, and over the course of the past couple years there has been a rising interest in technology, creating, crafting, and libraries have taken notice. 330 more words


Psychedelic Gedankenexperiment

Gary Hill, The Psychedelic Gedankenexperiment (2011)

EXTRA CREDIT: 6 more words


Howto Make A Green Screen for cheap

What is a Green Screen

Green screens are used regularly in film to make a person appear as though they are in a different place. The bright green color of the background clashes with the surrounding elements, making it easy to isolate in graphics programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. 193 more words