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Earth Day: Energy Usage plus Green Tech Insights

Did you know that 55 percent of Americans consciously leave their TVs on, even when they are not in their home? And, we’re using TVs as new nightlight, with 61 percent keeping the TVs on while falling asleep (10 percent leave it on all night). 199 more words


BioLargo closed its equity security offering after increasing its fundraising cap

Change: offered +15% / raised +8,300,000% / placed 100%

BioLargo closed its unregistered equity offering after increasing the placement’s size by 15% to $863,000. According to information released by the company six months ago, one investor bought $15,000 worth of securities on September 3rd 2013. 228 more words


Aquafiber Technologies files $1 million final close

AquaFiber Technologies disclosed selling $1 million worth of equity securities as part of a new financing round. The financing which started to sell one month ago was subscribed in full by twenty-seven investors. 198 more words


From Guest Blogger Jason: How Green is My Steel Industry?

Steel is a critical part of modern civilization. The steel industry is an economic driving force that provides the materials for a wide range of other industries. 545 more words


ZEEP re-opened its offering to place $91,000 more

Change: offered +76% / raised +76% / placed 100%

Zero Emission Energy Plants (DBA ZEEP) re-opened and closed its unregistered equity offering after increasing the placement’s size from $121,000 to $212,000. 176 more words


From Guest Blogger Mary Ann Keel: Emergence and Evolution of Green Technologies

As we progress into the future, there is no question that technology is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives. And though we may be quick to discern growing technology with quicker and more efficient means of human productivity, the reliance that modern society places on such advancements has, without a doubt, casted unimaginable burdens within our ecological systems.


Catalytec is in the market with a $750,000 investment round

Catalytec launched a $750,000 brokered equity offering based on information filed with the SEC. The subscription to the equity offering hasn’t started yet. The offering is structured to remain open until March 2015 or when the fundraising cap is reached, whichever one comes first. 162 more words