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Confessions of a Dog Trainer: I Train My Dogs Using 'People Food' -- And You Should Too

We frequently hear it in training class: “I won’t give my dog any people food.” This is a bit of a ridiculous sentiment if you think about it. 943 more words

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Firefighters Keep Yosemite Wildfire Far From Sequoias

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — A wildfire in Yosemite National Park made a new run that firefighters quickly stopped, and containment lines have kept it from threatening some treasured trees that are among the largest and oldest living things on earth. 334 more words

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Here's Why You Should Sign Up For A Seafood CSA

CSAs (which stands for community supported agriculture) are great for so many reasons. You know exactly where your produce comes from, you’re introduced to new fruits and vegetables that you might not typically use, you’re supporting small-scale, sustainable farms and by eating locally and in-season, you’re helping the environment. 518 more words

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Uncontacted Tribe Emerges From Brazil Rainforest After 'Violent Attacks'

A previously uncontacted tribe has emerged from the jungles of Brazil suffering from flu and saying they’ve been shot at, according to reports.

Footage of the encounter at the Envira River, near the border with Peru, was… 321 more words

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World Bank Faces Pushback Over Leaked Safeguards

WASHINGTON -– The World Bank has been working to update safeguards intended to ensure that development projects it backs don’t hurt people or the environment. But environmental and civil activists are pushing back on a… 485 more words

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This Greedy Kitty Knows Exactly How To Charm His Owner Into Giving Him More Kisses

Every pet owner knows that look. You know, the one that your furry friend gives you when the lil’ guy wants something?

Well, in this… 122 more words

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Homeless Man Tearfully Watches As Police Destroy His Shelter

Sam had just one request for police about to destroy the makeshift shelter in the woods he’d built: “Can I watch?”

The video above, showing a visibly shaken Sam become teary-eyed as his home of several years crumbles to the ground, is promoting a new documentary shedding light at the current realities of homelessness in America. 406 more words

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