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Optimizing Greenhouse Environment

Greenhouse vegetable crop production is based on controlling the environment to provide the conditions most favorable for maximum yield. A plant’s ability to grow and develop depends on the photosynthetic process. 624 more words


Tackling the Greenhouse - Part 1

So one of the neatest perks of the property we purchased was that it already had a greenhouse built. It’s not in the greatest spot, planted right next to a large weeping willow. 192 more words


It's a lovely day… and I feel soooo virtuous!

…and what better to do on a lovely day than finish clearing out the greenhouse, and get those seeds in?

On Monday I went into the greenhouse cum log store and realised that my scented geraniums were beginning to flower, and not just the scented ones either: 580 more words


Getting Your Seeds Ready for Summer!

We are quickly approaching the 2014 growing season!  Keep your ears and eyes open for upcoming events.

Please join us Thursday, April 10 for a seminar on getting ready for the growing season.  Hope to see you there!


Greenhouse update

Parsnips, Swiss chard, spinach, and lettuce are growing in the raised bed in my greenhouse.  I plan to pull the parsnips that I originally started from seed last spring.   125 more words


The Greenhouse Microclimate

When a greenhouse is constructed, the space inside constitutes a special environment possessing its own miniature climate, known as the greenhouse microclimate. The properties of this microclimate are somewhat different from those of the general climate outside.


Greenhouse April update

The shallots look ready to go out to the big allotment

All in all its very busy in the greenhouse. Its a shame I cant be there more often….as it stands I can only go there for about 10 -15 mins a day…still its better than nothing!