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Vicious Cycle (Haiku)

A scorched planet melts
From carbon footprint beach-bound
To escape the heat


"Really?.. Really?!"

This is what I keep on repeating literally all summer/winter/spring/autumn. Because I can’t quite understand what is happening with the weather, but  can already say that the global warming is not a thing to joke about anymore. 223 more words


In 2010, the National Research Council concluded that "Climate change is occurring”…

While the Earth has always endured natural climate change variability, we are now facing the possibility of irreversible climate change in the near future. The increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere from industrial processes resulting in increased Carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions has enhanced the natural greenhouse effect.   320 more words

Greenhouse Effect

Climate Change: A World Finally Warming Up To The Idea PART 1

Beneath the fads, the fashion, the loud headlines, media threats and intimidating claims lies a totally rational story; the bare science of a shifting environment that, once explained, is simply irrefutable. 1,686 more words


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Whether you know a lot about climate change or not, I highly recommend you read this post. It's called Climate Change: A World Finally Warming Up to the Idea. It's a really great and informative discussion of climate change and the greenhouse effect. My blog is all about sustainability and going green, so I think a reminder about exactly why I'm doing it is really important once in a while. A long read, but worth it! Let me know what you think!

The City By The Sea

“Gavin, wait, you forgot your mask.” Lissa waddled over to the front door, holding the filter out in front of her as if it were one of the icky, four-inch roaches that prowled their apartment at night. 2,491 more words

Short Stories

Adventures on the Hill

My post about Andrew Montford promoting Doug Keenan’s statistical models (well, statistical somethings), prompted Andrew to respond with a post of his own. In the spirit of harmony, I thought I might spend some time commenting there. 1,213 more words

Climate Change