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Considerations of CO2, Man and the ecology of Earth.

The following are some questions and thoughts about regarding the Global Warming crowd pushing CO2 (carbon dioxide) as a pollutant in need of government regulation to prevent out of control greenhouse effect and global warming. 798 more words


The Toxic Empire of the Koch Brothers Oligarchy

I am gleaning this information from multiple sources. However most of what you will see in the this first section was suggested to me by an article in the Rolling Stone magazine entitled “Inside the Koch Brothers Toxic Empire” by Tim Dickinson. 1,127 more words

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As a family were were glued to our laptop this past Sunday as we watched a live stream of the People’s Climate March in New York City. 394 more words


Chewing our way to renewable power?

I am aware, as most people are, that collectively we demand amounts of energy that could soon be beyond our reach. As the population has grown and technology has advanced through time, the amount of electricity being produced is just enough to supply demand. 483 more words

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Why we're so blase about Global Warming

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By Jack Shafer, Reuters, 30 August 14

If you don’t regard global warming as a serious problem, your company is growing. According to the… 920 more words

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Methane Hydrate melting

Not good news, I am afraid, and these bad tidings may be simply a precursor of worse tidings to come. First I should explain the background. 277 more words

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