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Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Cloche

Stifling prison perhaps, but bell bringer-on of early bounty. The greenhouse effect. A small and false atmosphere, a tiny world, restricted and frosted, the plants inside see only through a glass, darkly, and we too, despite a planet-sized enclosure, are blind to the universe of possibilities beyond, the freedom, the space, the silence that might be ours if we could only look beyond our immediate confines, and wipe the carbon dioxide mist from our eyes.

© K Dibbens-Wyatt


Walker's PSC Pitches Shutout for Wisconsin Utilities Against Public and Environment

Madisonians received a Thanksgiving greeting by Governor Scott Walker today in the form of increased monthly electric rates and reduced incentives for conserving on electricity in their homes. 459 more words

Human Health

We Are One Of The Dumbest Nations On The Planet

I used the above title for this article because with our advantages we should not be near the bottom of the list when it comes to education, behind even some countries we considered third world a few years ago.   1,615 more words


The PSYOP of Climate Alarm and its Greenhouse Effect

This is a guest article by anonymous author – it was from an email just don’t know if the person wants attribution for it or not.   1,495 more words

Fraud Of The Greenhouse Effect

Evidence that CO2 emissions do not intensify the greenhouse effect

The U.S. government’s National Climate Assessment report and the UN IPCC both claim that human carbon dioxide emissions are “intensifying” the greenhouse effect and causing global warming. 447 more words

Climate Change

The Steel Greenhouse Debunks the Climate Greenhouse Effect

No Math

I already debunked the steel greenhouse idea, but here I will simplify it all to one crystal clear concept.  Won’t bother with quotes from these people etc. 1,308 more words

Fraud Of The Greenhouse Effect

Why is it so cold?

When i stepped outside to walk to class this morning  at the University of Illinois, i entered a tundra. My boots were laced up to just below my knees and my coat was sipped to my chin, i was wearing a hat and gloves and still the freezing wind chilled me to the bone. 328 more words