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Chewing our way to renewable power?

I am aware, as most people are, that collectively we demand amounts of energy that could soon be beyond our reach. As the population has grown and technology has advanced through time, the amount of electricity being produced is just enough to supply demand. 483 more words


Why we're so blase about Global Warming

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By Jack Shafer, Reuters, 30 August 14

If you don’t regard global warming as a serious problem, your company is growing. According to the… 920 more words

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Methane Hydrate melting

Not good news, I am afraid, and these bad tidings may be simply a precursor of worse tidings to come. First I should explain the background. 277 more words

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Why 'atmospheric radiative GH warming' is a chimaera

Science of Doom (SoD) has apparently issued a challenge of some sort to a commenter going by the name of ‘Bryan’. This is how SoD describes Bryan: 2,992 more words

A Brief Reflection on Climate Change

A Brief Reflection on Climate Change

By Payam Ghassemlou Ph.D.

Over twenty years ago when I started my career in mental health, it was rare to have psychotherapy sessions that involved hearing patients’ concerns about tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, and tornados. 503 more words


10 Fascinating Scientific and Psychological Effects

An effect describes an observable phenomenon where something causes another thing to happen; often, this cause is not fully understood. Well-known effects include the Greenhouse Effect and the Placebo Effect; but scientists, psychologists, and other researchers have far too much curiosity to stop at “well-known.” Have you ever wondered, for instance, why Cheerios tend to clump together—and head to the edges—when they float in a bowl of milk? 2,056 more words

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