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Arctic Expedition 2014 - some experiences just change your life forever...

A few days ago I returned from the trip of a lifetime. No, not a trip of a lifetime. An experience of a lifetime. I was an educator ( 794 more words

Arctic Expedition

Traditional Greenland kayak and kayak methods

In Greenland. the current generation of Greenlanders have rediscovered the historic kayak building, paddling, and handling techniques. The kayak, or qajaq, enabled Greenlanders to populate the entire western coastline and southeast coastline and survive, mainly by giving the hunters the ability to hunt sea mammals. These boats were all built by hand by people with no modern tools, and all from materials available from animals, bones, and driftwood. Greenlanders, like this man, practice their techniques, including flips with and without their traditional paddles. I took this in Qassaiarsuk in 2000, when there were more than a dozen paddlers showing off their finely honed skins on traditionally built kayaks. See more of my pictures of Greenland on my Greenland gallery. (Click on the photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)


Greenlandic Elder, Qassiarsuk

I photographed the 1,000-year anniversary of Leif Ericsson’s exploration to the New World in Greenland in 2000. The attendees included the Queen of Denmark and the President of Iceland, along with all of the prominent Greenlandic leaders, artists, and respected elders. I shot this picture of a Greenlandic elder at the celebration ceremonies that took place in the old Greenland VIking settlement of Brattahlid, today known as Qassiarsuk. That was a very memorable experience. I loved it. You can see more of my Greenland portraits on my Greenlanders gallery. (Click on the photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)



July 16, 2014
The flight from Kanger was a quick ~2hrs on a packed LC-130. We landed smoothly and stepped off the plane into blowing snow and low clouds; More grey than white. 520 more words


Greenland 2014: Leaving the harbor

We’re heading off as I speak to start our voyage on the R/V Sanna, and saying goodbye to the lovely town of Uummannaq and our regular internet.


What an INCREDIBLE expedition!!!!!

Hi Everyone! I’m just back from our Arctic Expedition 2014! I arrived home about 36 hours ago after an absolute whirlwind expedition. I can’t wait to share it all with you! 274 more words

Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer-lovin (in Greenland)

My regular challenge setters are on the same wave length as the weekly challenge setters as for the last two weeks I have posted for these challenges the… 711 more words