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I take 10 minute showers, am I still clean?

Dear readers,

I know I love to shower everyday. If I didn’t, then I feel dirty, but do I need to? No! Showering every few days is fine. 212 more words

Future Generations

On Today's Menu: No-Beef Bourguignon

Once in a blue moon I get cravings. I’ve been vegetarian for ten years and vegan for four, yet still on that very rare occasion the monster of old slinks up behind me and plays games with my long-term vegan nostrils. 612 more words


Scents for the holidays

I am obsessed with burning candles, if you know me you will know that I love soy candles. I have candles in every room, some rooms even have three or four. 114 more words


All Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner

To clean garbage disposals- put baking soda down first, then dump vinegar with citrus peels (if they are soaking in the vinegar for a week or 2 it will be best) run the disposal for about a minute, run hot water, and all smells will be gone!