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Greenpeace's Eco-Oysters

No, not the slithering shellfish. The Russian arm of Greenpeace have designed a series of “environmental metro tickets” that work on the Moscow Subway System. The smart cards double up as business cards, telling people how much carbon they could save if they used public transport for their journey. 168 more words

Free gold and Power

26 July 2014

                Water from the seas and Rivers of the Earth percolates down until it hits the Earth’s core.  There it forms the earth’s mantle.  337 more words


Why does Europe hate GM food and is it about to change its mind?

Here’s an article I wrote for AFP a couple weeks ago on a very controversial topic. I went into it believing that those who oppose the science of GM food are not so different to people who deny climate change. 1,211 more words


25-26/07/14 ¿Ministra de Medio Ambiente defiende Repsol?

Ölbohrungen vor Gran Canaria schon dieses Jahr. Trotz Protesten will der spanische Konzern Repsol noch 2014 mit Öl-Probebohrungen vor den Kanaren beginnen. Eine Klage dagegen scheiterte. 311 more words

Romanian virgin beech forests nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list

The Romanian government, Greenpeace and WWF have started the nomination process for the virgin beech forests of Romania to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. 126 more words


Raising R250 000 in Support of Solar Energy in South Africa - 100 Days to Running in Antarctica

Today marks the 100 days countdown to the start of the Last Desert Race in Antarctica. It also marks the start of my fundraising campaign in support of  719 more words


Cheap Energy

25 July 2014

                Burning gas is there a week way to do nuclear fusion:

1                     CH4+3O2->CO2+2H2O

2                     2CH4+3O2->CH4+2(He+O3+E2)

The simplest way to bias the reactions towards 2, is to titanium plate the boiler plate!  333 more words