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Omicidi di Natale (parte seconda) - come uccidere a Natale e farla franca

Natale è il periodo degli slanci d’affetto e dei buoni sentimenti? Certo, ma è anche uno dei momenti nei quali i nostri nervi sono messi più a dura prova. 267 more words

Spirito Di Patata

Farmer-to-farmer seed delivery to help Dolores recover from Typhoon Hagupit


Farmer-to-farmer seed delivery to help Dolores recover from Typhoon Hagupit


Dolores, Eastern Samar, Philippines – After traveling more than 586 kilometers by land and sea, a farmer-to-farmer delivery of ecological seeds took place today in Dolores, Eastern Samar, to help farmers regenerate agricultural land badly damaged by Typhoon Hagupit. 550 more words

Oh kitty....

Several years ago I was talking with a friend about the plight of the whales. Some Greenpeace “volunteers” had been trying to blackmail us in the high street, or at least preventing us from passing by them, brandishing lethal looking clipboards, and direct debit slips. 719 more words


What is Greenpeace doing?

In an effort to create publicity for environmental issues, Greenpeace may have caused a major media backlash. Greenpeace activists disturbed a major and massive cultural relic in Peru, all to set up a sign that has been completely overlooked by the scandal caused by the environmental organisation inability/unwillingness to well, protect the environment. What were they thinking?

Maybe Rupert Murdoch should just buy Greenpeace now.

An earlier post of mine was basically a rant against the misinformation put out by, in particular, the anti-GMO crowd; this is a good example. It was actually posted on facebook in response to a thread where most of the claims had already been rebutted but that seems to make no difference. 449 more words

Genetic Engineering

Drone footage shows extent of Greenpeace's damage to Peru Nazca site

Last week Greenpeace used Peru’s ancient Nazca site as the venue for a publicity stunt in order to highlight climate change in conjunction with the United Nations climate conference held in Lima. 60 more words