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Glacier Republic reaches 100,000 citizens and makes headway in parliament

Glacier Republic now has 100,000 citizens, and has succeeded in getting a cross-party parliamentary group to formally ask President Bachelet to fix legislative void regarding the wellbeing of Chile’s glaciers. 1,056 more words


Welcome to Our Website!

As the semester draws to a close, our hope is to leave behind a legacy of activism surrounding environmental and social justice issues. We hope that this website can serve as a vehicle to engage supporters and to recount our stories and experiences. 201 more words


Choosing a cloud provider: Sustainability matters

Deploying in the cloud is the fastest path to production for tech startups. The question becomes which cloud infrastructure to use. Amazon AWS? HP Public Cloud? 484 more words


Imperativa a redução de gases até 2030 para evitar aquecimento catastrófico do planeta

De acordo com o terceiro relatório do IPCC, apenas uma forte aposta nas energias renováveis poderá evitar que a temperatura suba 4,8ºC até ao final do século. 611 more words

Energias Renováveis

Can we trust non-authoritarian media sources?

Although most media sources are influenced by framing, as I discussed in my last post, it is important to recognize that media still plays a crucial role in being a watchdog for society, as Dr. 1,014 more words

Greenpeace against KitKat (Nestle product)

“Stop Nestle buying palm oil from companies that destroy the rainforests”


30th April, Government Committee Comes to Workington to teach Cumbrians to suck eggs

…..or in this case heat generating nuclear wastes.  

The plan we were told  was for one mega dump “as big as the City of Carlisle.” Cumbria said No to that plan on 30th January 2013.   1,031 more words

Geological Dump