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Montreal mayor tells Enbridge 'not at any cost' for $9B pipeline

MONTREAL — The City of Montreal and the Montreal Metropolitan Community are outraged that Enbridge is not respecting conditions set out in March by the National Energy Board to build the 9B pipeline, and local politicians are urging the Board to force Enbridge to comply. 534 more words


10-14/09/14 Cañet = Petroleo

Los sondeos petrolíferos comenzarán en noviembre eldiario La probabilidad de encontrar crudo en Canarias es del 15% elmundo 501 more words

WANTED bees desperately

“If bees were to disappear, the human race would remain five years of life,“ I do not know if Einstein was to say, but certainly whoever said he knew very well what this insect is crucial for the environment and to humans.Meanwhile, you have no certainty about the causes, if not they are very likely to be a set of elements that is favoring the disappearance of bees: insecticides, pesticides, GMOs, air pollution, abrupt climate change, water scarcity, electromagnetism. 685 more words

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The Future of Work, according to the Greenpeace Head of IT

Andrew Hatton, Head of IT at Greenpeace, will be participating in an Industry Leaders panel session at Future of Work Summit in London on 25 November, entitled… 507 more words

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A quick note on the Climate Voter judgment

Here is Greenpeace’s and Climate Voter’s press release on the High Court’s decision today. Here is the High Court decision.

According to Greenpeace, “The ruling confirms the core legal argument that the Electoral Act was not intended to capture normal issues-based advocacy.” Here’s what the judge actually said. 597 more words


Greenpeace ad is electioneering

The High Court has supported the Electoral Commission’s contention that a Greenpeace advertisement is electioneering.

The High Court in Wellington has today released a judgment in two cases filed concerning decisions of the Electoral Commission (Greenpeace of New Zealand Inc & Ors v Electoral Commission CIV-2014-485-8997) and (Greenpeace of New Zealand Inc v Electoral Commission CIV-2014-485-8998). 172 more words