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Jean-Claude Junker, Greenpeace and 'Madness'

This week nine environmental charities (including Greenpeace) wrote to Jean-Claude Junker requesting the abolition of the position of Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission. 268 more words


Carbon is fixed by life!

27 July 2014

                The British isles is surrounded by sea water!  He says Rivers flowing from the high ground into the sea.  This water is reused repeatedly, and consequently polluted.  213 more words


Skateboarding on the Greenpeace boat at Glastonbury festival

Words by Laurie Barnes

Glastonbury festival is a utopian but temporary mega city made of tents in the Somerset countryside, and no city would be complete without a skate park. 465 more words

Greenpeace's Eco-Oysters

No, not the slithering shellfish. The Russian arm of Greenpeace have designed a series of “environmental metro tickets” that work on the Moscow Subway System. The smart cards double up as business cards, telling people how much carbon they could save if they used public transport for their journey. 168 more words

Free gold and Power

26 July 2014

                Water from the seas and Rivers of the Earth percolates down until it hits the Earth’s core.  There it forms the earth’s mantle.  337 more words


Why does Europe hate GM food and is it about to change its mind?

Here’s an article I wrote for AFP a couple weeks ago on a very controversial topic. I went into it believing that those who oppose the science of GM food are not so different to people who deny climate change. 1,211 more words


25-27/07/14 ¿Ministra de Medio Ambiente defiende Repsol?

SONDEOS DE FUERTEVENTURA: 8 DE CADA 10 POSIBILIDADES DE REPSOL SON DE FRACASO. “con un coste a fondo perdido de 200 millones de dólares si las prospecciones no se coronan con éxito” 346 more words