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Tax and the Parties Early Election Campaign Slogans

All the main UK parties are making tax promises in the build-up to the general election in May. The Conservatives have suggested a reform of Inheritance Tax (IHT). 58 more words


Keystone XL: Greens say Senate determined to 'wreck the climate out of greed'

Environmental extremists are having conniptions over the Senate’s passage of the Keystone XL pipeline bill. It’s almost as if they want you to think that putting a pipe in the ground to transport fuel is a new untested technology. 307 more words

US Politics

Mushroom Casserole, the best ever!

Welcome to 2015! I am really late with that, aren’t I?

Now that exams are over, and we’re moving into the second semester, I have finally got the time back to write, write, and write some more. 834 more words


Russell Norman Starts Talking About The Fraudulent Money Creation System A Month Ago Resigns Today.

When you go the bank for a loan, most people think they are borrowing other people’s money, money that those other people have deposited with the bank after working hard and saving it.

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Economic Meltdown

I may turn green...

Today was packed with veggies, especially greens!!

Lunch was a smoothie, you can find the recipe here: 183 more words

South Beach Diet

Harrissa Cabbage Stir Fry with Chia seed dressing.

This came about to use up some cabbage I had languishing in the fridge, and because we needed an extra hit of greens for supper… and because, January turned into Harissa Month- and  because I had bought a HUGE pack of chia seeds and then realised that- who am i kidding- I hate porridgy sweet stuff, no matter how cool it is right now as a dessert or breakfast food, which seems to be the main use for chia, but also thought that the vitamins, trace minerals and other goodness might turn into a little extra crunch in a stir fry, even if they didn’t add particularly to the flavour. 192 more words


Building Keystone: 'The End of the World!'

The left is acting like the world will end by building Keystone. Here’s a map of all the other pipelines in the US. pic.twitter.com/O4I02A3U0D

— RB (@RBPundit) January 29, 2015