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Protect and Profit in Market Corrections

Of late, financial news pundits, known more for their Wall Street grand-standing than their legitimate analysis, have been asking a question they rarely pose; “Are we at or near the top?”  The financial elites like Warren Buffet, Bill Gross and Alan Greenspan are expecting moderate to severe equity market corrections based on a number of factors.  2,232 more words

Stock Market Bubble Created by Fed Policies

The 2008 meltdown was largely created by Federal Reserve policies. Since the latter part of the 1990s, previous Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan turned on the spigot of easy money any time there was even minor economic downturns. 672 more words


GREENSPAN: A 'Significant' Market Correction Has To Come

By Bob Wile

A week ago Wednesday, the S&P500 hit another new all-time high, continuing an incredible five-and-a-half-year run of average gains.

For former Fed chief Alan Greenspan, the surge will have to end at some point. 305 more words

Grandma Yellen, social media stocks and Greenspan

It took 4 long years for the broad stock market to react to Greenspan’s famous ‘irrational exuberance‘ remark on December 5, 1995. Dow moved up 81% while the NASDAQ soared 200%. 105 more words


When Will Poor, Working, and Middle Class Learn That the #GOP is Not Their Party?

The Great Depression was the direct result of the Gilded Age, a time when banks, corporations, and the men (were there any women or people of color in power then?) of wealth of power had government by the balls, treated workers like shit, and worst of all when it came to banks, wildly speculated with their depositors’ money, lost it all, and crashed the economy. 666 more words