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"High-quality infrastructure" in the alternate universe of Sustrans

I meant to publish this post weeks ago, during the Games, when it would have been most relevant, but other things got in the way. Oh well. 651 more words


A thin coat of green.

The resurgence in environmental awareness in the last few years can only be encouraged but as it’s inclusion within businesses, industries and our domestic lives becomes an accepted rhetoric, a new question arises. 95 more words


Why cycling in Glasgow is going nowhere, reason #629

On the face of it, this sounds quite progressive:

NEW rules mean drivers will be fined for parking in cycle lanes 

At present there are problems with van drivers and motorists parking on marked cycle lanes forcing cyclists to veer out into traffic.

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Glasgow City Council

Eco Labels: Signed, Sealed, Delivered? SustainAbility Report

“With today’s global supply chains and growing array of consumption-related sustainability issues, it is no wonder that eco-labels abound. These independently verified, on-pack labels promote… 183 more words

Sustainability Communication

The glorious legacy of the Commonwealth Games

For immediate release


The People’s Republic of Glasgow is truly blessed to have such a great leader. The glory of the Republic depends on possession of the fittest workers and the most efficient transportation, and we should be in awe of the fact that, thanks to the successful completion of the most recent Five Year Plan devised by Emperor Matheson (may he rule a thousand years!), we grow stronger every day. 276 more words


palm oil: careful not to throw the baby out with the bath-water

Via a certain online discussion forum; identities have as ever been anonymised, and any other editing has been of typos, spelling, etc. so that they don’t detract from the actual content. 3,167 more words

Beauty And Ethics

Sustrans and the Scottish Household Survey

I’m seriously irritated by the boundless, baseless optimism that emanates from the “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” wing of the cycling world. 601 more words