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There’s no such thing as ‘sustainable’.

One of the good things about being a writer* who covers a wide variety of material is that one inevitably accumulates a convenient backlog of articles and ideas that can be recycled and reused or – to use a trendy little phrase which, like all jargon, is ugly and superfluous – ‘re-purposed’ in a blog like this. 482 more words

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Are Healthier Buildings Happier Buildings?

Makes me wonder…is LEED part of the greenwashing movement or are they truly helpful in some way other than by raising costs?

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Monday Moaning

The bad news never seems to end.

WWF International accused of ‘selling its soul’ to corporations

Pandaleaks writer says conservation group has forged links with business which is using it to ‘greenwash’ their operations… 335 more words

Monday Moaning

Being green and skeptical

I’ve learned a new word recently. Greenwashing. It’s a negative term meaning that a company isn’t telling the whole story about the environmental practices it’s claiming to have in it’s advertising. 190 more words

Greenwashing is a Sticky Business

Going green is not only what is right for the environment but also a highly lucrative marketing scheme for businesses to improve consumer opinion. Consumers be weary! 57 more words

Climate Change

Why this blog?

There is a tonne of rhetoric and dialogue out there concerning CSR; what it means, who is invested in the concept, and whether this venture is something worth while for businesses in the first place. 223 more words