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Maddening! Litter, but this takes the cake

I have often lamented about how awful littering has become in Finland. It seems there are stories about it in the daily news with reports about the… 89 more words

The Environment

What’s in a name, part 3

I’ve been working very hard these past few weeks on the first two words in the title of this blog: cleaner and leaner. But I’m still missing a very important third word, and that’s greener. 867 more words



I’ve watched a lot of advertising in my life, and I’m guessing many people that might read this have as well. I’d like to think that after buying the back page comic book stuff that fell apart right away, and the designer-labeled stuff that quickly went out of fashion, and the user-friendly software that wasn’t, and the diet stuff that puts on weight, all that stuff, that I am somewhat resistant to advertising. 586 more words


I Went to the Nutritionists' Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald's.

By Kiera Butler. May 12, 2014. On www.motherjones.com

Our national nutrition experts are in bed with Big Food. And we wonder why we’re fat.

One recent Friday afternoon, in a Mariott Hotel ballroom in Pomona, California, I watched two women skeptically evaluate their McDonald’s lunches. 1,485 more words


Humour in Greenwashing

A funny way of seeing greenwashing:

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Photo Clip Greenwashing Tryo

We want the green (6x) washing

we want towers, airbus, diesel / mandarins all seasons / extensive travels in the sky / high-tech at home / new technology / we want to say sorry and / relieve our minds / we want Argentine beef, / Gammon at every meal / and in the kitchen / we want sugar, we want fat / we want more expensive / we want better / we always want a little addition / we want the sea, / we want summer / even in winter you want to sunbathe / 226 more words


Yosemite as an OS? The Planet is the Operating System

With its picturesque cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, canyons, and wooded groves – Yosemite National Park is an iconic place. A preserved and protected enclave to which visitors can come to experience what nature looks, smells, and sounds like. 1,270 more words


Videos for Chapter 13

Listed below are some YouTube videos that can be used for Chapter 13.

Chapter 13