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Green meatballs

IKEA is planning to green up its meatballs and is getting help from the World Wildlife Fund.  So, does anyone come up with how many degrees of global warming this will save the planet? 

Climate Change

The Stokes Croft Riots-Three Years Later....

On the 21st April 2011, a series of riots broke out in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol. They’ve generally went down among the media, and indeed, many people as the actions of local people protesting the opening of a new Tesco’s store near the area. 2,977 more words


Earth Day: UGH!

From the department of “You’re Totally Missing the Point” comes this gem:

Cinemark, a fine paragon of film, but not so much of environmentalism, delivered this to me as my weekly coupon today. 151 more words

Earth Day

Greenwashing in the fashion sector?

Here’s a link to a story I read on sustainablebrands.com. It’s a bit of a shame – it discusses a survey which revealed many fashion companies are not living up to the claims they make on sustainability. 86 more words


Prius's, beef, and egg cartons, oh my!: What's wrong with 'conscientious consumerism'

Prompted by my last post, I’ve been mulling over the idea of conscientious consumerism. This is a very American idea. It hinges on the preexistence of a capitalist society and emphasizes the power of the individual. 2,738 more words


Day 3 - Spring cleaning

Today I cleaned the bathroom…lucky me. As my third sustainable activity, I’m phasing out my store-bought cleaning supplies in favour of more environmentally (and hopefully wallet) friendly alternatives. 579 more words

30 Day Challenge