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Governor Walker unveils new pollution-based tourist industry

“Clean air, drinkable water, diverse habitats, a large variety of species and beautiful scenery have long marred the landscape here in Wisconsin, creating an environment few tourists want to explore” said Governor Walker at a recent press conference. 145 more words


Compromise is inevitable

This post is inspired by one of my most hated phrases directed at people when they talk about environmental issues such as climate change:

“yeah, so what are you doing about it?” i.e. 490 more words

Climate Change

MG&E launches innovative gas lighting system

Following their creative reimagining of renewable energy rules in Wisconsin, MG&E has announced plans to roll out gas street lights throughout their service area. Touting their innovative use of 1800s technology, MG&E stated that resources like natural gas and panda blood will help the environment and provide clean alternatives for future generations.

Liar Labels

Regular, low-dose exposure to many chemicals used in mainstream personal care products may contribute to your risk for cancer, asthma, and other serious health complications. You can’t always trust what you read on a product label, because companies have gotten very good at trying to convince you that their products are as clean and green as possible. 219 more words


Top 5 Ways Our Family Went Green-er in 2014 - Part I

Contributed by Dr. Sarah

A fellow eco citizen’s car– and bumper sticker– says it all.

Going green is process, which is why I’m sharing our family’s ongoing efforts to reduce our eco impact and use our… 682 more words

Am I the Only One that Ever has to Double Flush?

Here’s some water stats mandated by the Energy Policy Act and LEED, two organizations who attempt to set guidelines in order to justify their existence. 192 more words