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"How are you?"

Oh, you know, same old same old.

Too much work and no play.

Drowning in lack of motivation.

Still breathing, ha ha.

Heart sickly, heavily engorged by my inability to escape the cruel mundanities of life. 17 more words


One of us wrote a book; you can buy it on Amazon

Keenan recently published his first YA book on Amazon – you can download it there:


It’s good – and if you like Prydain, you should check it out!


A Higher horizon awaits those who dare to go there

Coming attraction, the International Show promos are going out now! You have a chance to become a part of this elite affair. Come one and come all, tell your friends around the world that they can enter this prestigious annual event. 206 more words


Nostalgia .

I always had and still have a craving for art and craft. I have had devoted most of my leisure in painting , drawing, making cards, decorating, creating the best out of waste during my school days. 94 more words


What's in a handshake?

All our lives we’ve been told that one of the most vitally important parts of the interview process is having the perfect handshake. Must be confident and sturdy, but not firm enough to fracture the potential boss’s hand, not limp and weak and god help you if your palms get sweaty when you’re nervous cause they you’re really fucked. 578 more words

Pimp Your Facebook Post

Remember the good ol’ days, when you would send people post cards? And then the Internet happened and you started sending e-cards. Even those seem outdated now. 52 more words

Showcase Greetings

Before Christmas I was working on some designs with my agent at The Paintbox in collaboration with Showcase Greetings. They will be showing at PG Live in the summer but they are available to order for retail now! 9 more words