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Today started out as a normal day for me. Clock in a few hours of work in the ol’ Bears n’ Such offices, followed by a strolled down to the bagel street cafe to do my regular lunch routine and receive stamp 8 out of the 10 necessary to receive a free bagelwich. 490 more words


Three For Birthdays (2014)

1. Greetings.
2. Presents.
3. Flowers.
Celebrate & make room-
For a year long bloom.


Japanese Podcast #8: hugging in Canada!


In this episode, Hitoshi talks about hugging in Canada.

When you meet someone for the first time, do you give them a big hug? Comments in Japanese and English are welcome! 27 more words


木津川市の国際交流・異文化講座「まったLEE・BRIAN」2 - Kizugawa City International Exchange Series “Comfortab-LEE BRIAN” 2



Hey, y’all.

I had my second lecture of “Comfortab-LEE BRIAN” International Exchange Series. This time I introduced the greetings and lifestyles of the US and Taiwan. 88 more words

International Lecture 国際理解講座


Hello! My name is Ally!

I am fifteen years old and I come from Scotland. Just to make this clear, I do not like haggis (which is basically sheep stomach stuffed full of entrails…yum.) and I detest bagpipes. 175 more words


Book yourself and document your artwork!

As an author of 8 books, I have produced many and recently am documenting Jay Andrews’s paintings to create a book for the world to see his work. 1,162 more words