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How was your day today ? Enjoy your evening.

What's the Story?

Okay, so I have tried my hand at a good few blogs. I have found that I start off with a marvelous idea, set it all up, go wild for a few months and then just kind of… stop. 258 more words

About Me

Toto, we aren't in...

When I walk the river with my dog, or dogs when someone approaches, I always smile and say, “Mornin’.  And it’s a rare morning on the Fox when someone doesn’t respond in kind. 580 more words

He "held" a pencil early and now it nudely happens!

CHARLES HELD: Arrived in San Diego July 4 1964

For me art was an easy way to make friends. I was always drawing things, like a castle with a lot of towers in a notebook. 356 more words


Greetings From Cape Cod by Decoration Themes

  Hello close friends.. I did not intend on staying away from the weblog for so long but getting away can be consuming.  We have been traveling about the East Coast for the previous week and it is so lovely!  31 more words

The best... well certainly the most creepy comment we've ever had

I know I talked about the spam comments queue last week. I know I mocked the spam robots for their broken English and marvelled at their ability to create new greetings like: 177 more words

Happy Birthday Anna Paquin!

I know this is kind of cutting it close, but we never had a chance until now to post this.

July 24th (today) is Anna Paquin’s… 78 more words

True Blood