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In Defense of Obamacare

This week, two big-name thinkers wrote polemics against the Affordable Care Act – Greg Mankiw in the New York Times and John C. Goodman in the Wall Street Journal. 979 more words

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Mankiw as Voice of the Reagan Era

Greg Mankiw recently published an Op-Ed. in the New York Times that provides a good illustration of the unstated economic assumptions of the Reagan era, as… 783 more words


More Opinions about Taxation

I would like to complete the last article with an interesting publication in the NYT by the Nobel Prize Paul Krugman. This is about the reduction in capital taxes during the George W. 228 more words

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Explaining Paul Krugman

Greg Mankiw is rightly exasperated with Paul Krugman’s propensity to write columns that “ a policy favored by the right, the most vile motives to those who advance the policy, and all the reasonable arguments in favor of it.” There are two possible reasons why Krugman likes doing this kind of thing: 540 more words

"Just Desert Adherents": Why The Conservative Defense Of Inequality Makes No Sense

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw is notorious for trying to justify the income of the very rich on the grounds that it’s what they deserve. In this column… 641 more words



Hearing the words “income inequality” spoken by members of the One Percent and their defenders – like economist Greg Mankiw, most recently – reminds me of the Julia Roberts movie Sleeping with the Enemy where the physically-abusive husband, played by Patrick Bergin, just finished smacking Roberts’ character around the house, and then refers to the beat-down in the next scene as a “quarrel.” 582 more words

Filling in the Gaps with Meaningful Reading

As part of my personal experiment on avoiding social media, I’ve found myself with egregious amounts of unused time. Just a week ago I hadn’t quite realized what a time sink such activities are; instead of draining my brain with the dull, predictable, and infuriating thoughts of others, I could have been using that time to read about new scientific developments and the economic effects of federal fiscal policy. 1,215 more words