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There is no bond market bubble

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere bubbles. There is a lot of talk about bubbles among commentators and central bankers. One of the most common bubble fears is a fear of a bubble in the US bond market (just take a look at this recent… 1,346 more words

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The Mankiw-Darda rule tells the Fed to wait a bit with hikes

Greg Mankiw has a blog post commenting on my previous post on the so-called Mankiw rule.

I show in my post that according to both the original and a re-estimated version of the Mankiw rule the Federal Reserve should be hiking rates right now. 1,530 more words

NGDP Targeting

Mankiw rule tells the Fed to tighten

The most famous monetary policy rule undoubtedly is the so-called Taylor rule, which basically tells monetary policy makers to set the key monetary policy interest rates as a function of on the one hand the inflation rate relative to the inflation target and on the other hand the output gap. 630 more words

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Punitive Taxes Chase Off a Rational King


The counterproductive U.S. corporate tax code was a major incentive for Burger King’s prospective merger with the Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons. The merger will allow BK to change its domicile to Canada, thereby reducing its tax bill. 240 more words

The Welfare State's 110 Million

How long can a shrinking number of taxpayers support a growing number of beneficiaries? 

For NROMichael Tanner writes: One hundred ten million! That’s how many Americans now live in households that receive some form of means-tested welfare benefit from the federal government… 499 more words

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