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Restoring a Sense of the Sacred to the Mass

In October 1966, less than a year after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, philosopher and eminent Catholic theologian Dietrich Von Hildebrand asked whether or not we are better prepared to “meet Christ in the mass by soaring up to Him, or by dragging Him down into our own pedestrian, workaday world.” (The Case for the Latin Mass, Triumph Magazine, October 1966). 1,221 more words


Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A deep stillness settles upon the earth, waiting for the small, still voice of wisdom.  A silent yearning, affirming the soft pulse of the planet, awaiting a word of insight, seeking for the lost horizon, searching for a glimmer of hope.   595 more words

Gregorian Chant

Music...Gives You Wings

I don’t need any red bull for this metaphorical high. Because the truth is, music gives me wings. Singing in front of the congregation at church is an experience incomparable to anything else. 236 more words

Announcement: Latin Mass comes to Winchester!

On Sunday, September 14 at 11am, there be a Traditional Latin Mass at Saint Joseph in Winchester.  This is planned to be a one-time event at present.

Catholic Identity

The Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel

The soft breeze wafts over the mountain.  The verdant pastures bloom below, opening wide to the views of greenery and foliage.  A small cloud appears on the horizon, portending rain after the long drought.   554 more words

Gregorian Chant


Blessing every blade of the quadrangle’s green,
every echoed footfall against cloister stone—
worn smooth by repercussion of the known,
habitual hours, ritual callings to convene— 125 more words


O Blest Creator of the Light

I have typeset a translation of the vespers hymn Lucis Creator optime (attributed to St. Gregory the Great, 6th century) with its traditonal Gregorian melody (as in the 1934 Antiphonale  Monasticum). 41 more words