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Are you there, Grandpa? It's me, Iggy-Beau...

Death is strange. Maybe it’s better to say that dealing with death is strange. It’s difficult to understand that one day this person is alive and breathing and physically present, and the next day they’re not. 936 more words

The Sun will come out Tomorrow

10 years ago, around this time of evening, my families lives changed forever.
I remember it all like it was yesterday; the pain, the hurt, the confusion, the sadness. 612 more words


Sweet girl...

I am realizing how really sweet and precious my girl Misty really was…

Her kidney failure made her constantly thirsty and in all kinds of silent pain.  178 more words

A Rough Week

Last week was taxing as hell. Tuesday afternoon my grandfather (I called him Hotshot) passed away. From what I’ve been told he didn’t even make a sound; he just stopped breathing. 2,787 more words

Life Change

Daily Prayer June 16, 2014

Dear Heavenly Father,

I just want to start of this prayer with a great big thank you. I want to thank you Lord for helping me to let go of my past and my sinful ways and how you have helped me to become a better follower of yours. 245 more words


When is enough, enough?

I feel very avoided by my current so-called boyfriend. I usually have a pretty good intuition about things, except I’m afraid presently my mind is clouded by my own baggage. 250 more words