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Two: It is NOT about You {Stepping Out of Loss to Bless Others}

There is an element of loss that is very self-serving. One of the most dangerous places to be is engulfed in a sense of entitlement for your suffering. 519 more words


10 Healthy Ways to Grieve *YOUR* Loss

1. Recount memories of your lost loved one(s).

2. Write your dearly departed a letter.

3. Cry real tears.

4. Go outside, take a walk, sit on a bench, take in the beauty around you. 38 more words


Sunday Roundup - April 6, 2014

We are proud of communication. Whether we are sharing a mundane shopping list or a multi-hundred-page report, using words and language to convey meaning is something to celebrate—when it is done correctly. 234 more words

Self Help


So I think one of the hardest journey’s a mother can go through, aside from the journey of coping after the loss of a child, is to cope with a pregnancy after the loss of a child. 378 more words

Life After Death

Losing someone you love is never an easy thing. It changes your life and leaves a void that can never be filled. We will all experience this pain at some point in our lives. 1,248 more words


Just finished watching The Way, with Martin Sheen. It is a powerful movie about a man whose son is killed on the trail that starts in The Pyrenees Mtns. 37 more words

Family Problems

I was called a bitch today.

In her book “on Death and Dying”, Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote about dying patients that were so horrible to life with that their family never visited, nurses avoided their rooms, and doctors didn’t care about.   294 more words