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Halls of History (4-15-14)

April 15 is an interesting day in history. To wit:

  1. 1452—Leonardo da Vinci born.

  2. 1865—President Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot the previous evening by John Wilkes Booth while at the play, …

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Impersonating Greta Garbo

Impersonators are known as look-alikes, impressionists, imitators tribute artists and wannabees. The interest may have originated with the need or desire to see a celebrity who has died.  

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Geino Aotsch

Grand Hotel (1932)

John Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Greta Garbo. Dir: Edmund Goulding

Oh how I do love the movie “Grand Hotel”! I love watching the Barrymore boys acting side by side. 219 more words

2014 Annual Garbo Award Nominees!


As springtime barrels down the highway with hit and run of SAD (seasonal affect disorder) victims, it’s time again for the seventh annual Boston Garbo Awards. 351 more words

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Garbo Never Won the Rondo Award



When Garbo acted in movies, the performance was so unusual that no other actor could compete.

When Rondo acts out on the court, the performance is so unusual that the NBA warns him not to flop. 308 more words

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Garbo again.....

A variation on the theme…..

mixed media 9×12.  Acrylic on canvas, gingko leaf, vintage movie studio postcard of Greta Garbo, music notations, unyru paper, typed words, small paper scrap.  Edged in gold leaf.