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Hey Vodka, we need to talk

Hey Vodka, we need to talk.

This has been on my mind for a little while now and, well, there’s no easy way to say it so let me just go ahead and get it out there – 625 more words

In The Pantry

Grey Goose Vodka - 4.5/5

“… a vodka of uncommon brilliance.”

Vodka: Grey Goose ‘Original’ Vodka
Country of Origin: France
Produced from: Winter wheat
% Vol: 40

Review: Lorde name-checking Grey Goose in her hit single…

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Georgia by Jack Wyrick

Jack Wyrick, formerly of Octane and Collins Bar, is the inventor of the Georgia, which won Birmingham’s local final in the GQ/Bombay Sapphire “Most Imaginative Bartender” competition. 147 more words


5 Days of Positives - Day One

My friend from the UK nominated me to take part in this and I figure it’s better on the blog so as not to bore people on Facebook with it. 59 more words


Birdwatching for the Beginners-grey goose

This species is also spelled graylag in the United States. Greygoose, Anser anser, is the largest and bulkiest of the wild geese native to the UK and Europe. 176 more words

Benny Thomas

Candles in recycled grey goose bottles !!!!

Grey goose recycled bottle, used to make candle. All 100 percent soy wax. Why throw away useful nice glass bottles when they can be cut and used to hold a candle. 85 more words

Pour It Up! Grey Goose Le Melon Toasts To Carmelo Anthony At Launch Party (PHOTOS)

Bottles of Grey Goose Le Melon were popping at the vodka brand’s sponsored art exhibition this weekend in L.A. But the launch party for Grey Goose’s new flavor wasn’t the typical Hollywood party. 201 more words