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Neil McDonald: Grey Hat Black Listed

A computer hacking statute codified in 1961 (yes, before what we think of computers existed) is being wielded against Kiwi grey hat hacker Neil McDonald. His mistake was (in the short form) offering a company information about its weaknesses when he discovered them, prior to wrangling a consulting deal for same. 335 more words


Top 10 Notorious Black Hat Hackers

To accompany the technological advancements of the computer world and the constant changing definition of a hacker, we thought it was time to look back at ten of the most notorious black hat hackers and the legendary hacks that earned them such a title. 1,751 more words


When I say "Ethical Hacking"

In computer security, a hacker is termed as someone who performs a thorough search and seeks to exploit weaknesses and loop-holes in a computer network. A lot of reasons has been known to motivate this kind of act, some of which are: 389 more words


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