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Bisexuality Case Studies, or why people still don't get what "swinging both ways" means

I’ve decided to do some case studies of bisexual erasure in the media. Because I’m sick of it and I figured it deserved some coverage. Especially this specific person. 890 more words



Cellophane wrap or sealed pack or paper bag: clutch me. Try not to drop me.

It, this, crept like damp from the doorway until there was mould along the skirting. 49 more words


This Season On.... (Insert Show Title Here), Part the First

TV is coming back!  This month and next will see the return of most every show that I, and probably most of you folks, watch.  And as I may have mentioned a time or two before, I watch a ridiculous amount of TV…so much in fact that I keep a Google calendar with nothing but TV shows on it so I know what shows are on what nights.   1,030 more words


It's 50/50 odds for Calzona and 100% for Shonda Rhimes

I love Shonda Rhimes and I make no apologies for that…she is genius and I want to be her in terms of her writing and creative abilities. 439 more words

NYT's critic's weird Shonda Rhimes piece: How to Not Get Away With Lazy Reporting

There is no real evidence, despite New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley’s assertion in a meandering, shockingly clueless piece that runs in the print version Sunday, that “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes, is an angry black woman. 795 more words


'Grey's Anatomy' boss: Callie and Arizona have a '50/50 chance' of staying together

It may be the year of Meredith, but she isn’t the only Grey Sloan doc with a tough season ahead of them on Grey’s Anatomy… 497 more words


Grey's Anatomy: April's Mom Is Coming to Town — But There's a Twist!

At long last, the Kepner family tree is complete. Or at least it will be this fall when Grey’s Anatomy formally introduces April’s mother.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Connie Ray ( 140 more words

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