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I haven’t seen or heard anything about Greyson lately which is saddening. Fortunately we have to go back to school tomorrow and so I’m sure there will be more information about him soon




The other day I was with Greyson’s sister and we were at his house and when we went upstairs I saw a picture hanging in their loft. 85 more words


39. Shot Through Glass

My grandson, Greyson, was with us on Christmas morning this year. It was great fun to be able to watch him open a few presents. Like a lot of 2 year olds he seemed more interested in normal everyday things than he did in his presents. 57 more words



As of two minutes ago I was walking with my cat down the street and from the opposite end of the street near Greyson’s house I saw somebody coming on towards me on their bike. 45 more words


Christmas Letters 2014

My dear oldest, Greyson,
You would be about 4 years old this Christmas. I think it might have been the most magical one of your life. 994 more words

I Smelt Him

Today during lunch we were sitting at the same place we always do when we saw Greyson walking in our direction. We knew he wasn’t going to come to us but still, we were pretty close, probably like 20 feet away. 54 more words


Sad but happy

So today in English I talked to Greyson
again!!! It was both sad and happy. He came up to me asking if I was Amanda… Which I’m not. 82 more words