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I Smelt Him

Today during lunch we were sitting at the same place we always do when we saw Greyson walking in our direction. We knew he wasn’t going to come to us but still, we were pretty close, probably like 20 feet away. 54 more words


I have had two encounters with the rare species Greyson Baker today. First, right before fourth period, he was leaving and I was coming in and I almost ran into him and then looked and saw that he was wearing his sweatshirt backwards so the hood was in front. 63 more words



Ev & I are trying to keep up with Greyson but nothing good has been happening lately. Today Harper and I saw him from afar during break but that’s pretty much all. 7 more words

Big Plans

Next week we have finals so Ev and I came up with the idea to casually bring it up with Greyson that he can come study with us 😏. 18 more words


347-349 - Dad's 70th, Greyson's 4th

347/365 – Dad’s 70th Birthday and the day before Greyson’s 4th. I wanted to plan a big party but couldn’t drum up any enthusiasm even from Dad who said he wanted to be headed to Alaska on his birthday just as he was 43 years ago when he was in the National Guard. 120 more words

CAN we be friends?

I was outside with my dad playing field hockey as we usually do everyday after school when somebody walked up behind me and said hey. I turned around to see no other than Greyson’s sister. 205 more words


One Step Closer

In science Everett and I were talking about how Greyson may not even know who I am. So, during English she asked him if he knew me and he does! 33 more words