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Add ,Insert,Delete,Edit in Gridview using stored procedure.

This is what we will be making at the end of this article.Here we can add,delete or edit data using the stored procedure.We can do the same thing without using stored procedure .i.e. 1,726 more words


Upload Image To Database and Show in ASP.Net GridView

This article shows how to upload a photo image with other details in an ASP.NET and C# application and display the details in a GridView. This is a simple web application for beginners to learn C#, ASP.NET and .Net controls. 963 more words


Why GridView RowUpdating Event is not giving the updated values?

This is a most common question in Forums. We will find the actual cause, for which the RowUpdating Event behaves abnormal.

Walk Through

  1. Add a…
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LinkButton: How to avoid postback upon click

ASP.NET renders LinkButton to <a> and it is designed to call server each time the button is clicked, therefore, a postback.

To avoid,

LinkButton1.Attributes.Add("onclick", "YourFunction();return false;");


After Finalizing the writeup for BaseLine 1, i have confirmed that i will be using the jChartFX Area Graph to visually display the chart data beside  the detailed breakdown. 67 more words