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Being grateful is a skill that I have actively practiced for many years. Recently I went to a class about gratitude with Toni Powell and even though I already practice many of the skills, it was wonderful to have a refresher. 316 more words



My belly is getting bigger, and we continue to prepare for her arrival.

It is becoming more and more real, and evident in the changes that are happening in our home, that we are expecting a child. 742 more words


The Day Our Dog Got Old

A very early morning.  An antiseptic room in a vet clinic.  My two male housemates in rumpled sweats rubbing sleep out of their eyes. Our fourth housemate’s aged, lame, incontinent Yorkie quivering on the examining table – a tiny spot of warmth against an expansive cold metal surface.  801 more words


Author's Advice

Several years ago, the organization I worked for hosted a regional meeting.  In hosting such a meeting, finding speakers and teachers becomes a major function.  Since our organization dealt with tragedy, death, destruction, it became a very important thing to in-corporate some emotionial perspective teachings into the meeting.   908 more words


Should You Go First and I Remain by AKRoswell

Should you go first and I remain
To walk the road alone,
I’ll live in memory’s garden, dear,
With happy days we’ve known.
In spring I’ll wait for roses red, 178 more words


Play Ball

It’s something I never could have imagined last summer. I cried every day, sleeplessly wandered the house all night, and refused to believe that any of it had happened, refused to accept the fact that Kevin had died and he wasn’t coming back to me and our Bear. 315 more words

Driftwood Clutcher

Because sometimes I have to do things for my benefit.


Print out pattern.

Figure out if we’re leaving Wednesday at 3:00a.m or Thursday at 3:00a.m. 527 more words