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#LifeAfterLoss: Finding comfort in Twitter

My name is Sam, and I’m a quote-a-holic.

You know that feeling when someone seems to have put words to your thoughts? I love it. I mean I… 663 more words


Walk It Out With A Smile

July 23, 2013

“To everything there is a season…” it is time to walk it out….

LIFE IS GOOD! I am a lucky man. Complaining would be hypocrisy in my life because I have everything I need and have been given many things that I did not deserve. 1,405 more words


Thursday Re-View -- Of Storms Within

S shuffled into my office at the Cancer Center carrying a worn Bible in her left hand. A middle-aged large-boned woman who had never married, she had short gray hair, men’s jeans and a plaid flannel shirt. 1,021 more words

Personal Musings


For the past 6 months I’ve had a lobster craving that is practically driving me out of my mind. And the sad part is that I’ll just have to live with that, because mine is not a lobster existence. 400 more words


twists and turns and finding my way…

My brain has been busy of late.  Too busy to write, because there is so much buzzing around up in this head that cohesive thoughts don’t totally form. 1,122 more words


I started talking about something stupid, something that wasn’t the thing I wanted to talk about. Then I couldn’t seem to re-direct myself over how vehemently angry I was about this stupid work thing that wasn’t the thing that I wanted to talk about anyway, while the thing I wanted to talk about lurked under the surface. 681 more words