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What am I so afraid of?

What am I so afraid of?

I am spending the week in North Carolina with my extended family. Nearly thirty of us are gathered for what used to be an annual family reunion and now is a more sporadic get together. 579 more words

In Ink

You will live on in ways you never expected. You will exist in the hearts and murmurs of the people you touched. I know this is hard to understand. 262 more words

What are we afraid of?

I have been writing this blog for a while now and covering a variety of topics. So far I have avoided anything too controversial or difficult. 390 more words


Wandering Well

I read an article yesterday about an Australian couple who lost their three children, and the children’s grandfather, when Malaysian flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine. 350 more words

A Note of Advice

Do not disturb the lady as she sleeps,

It is the first time she slumbers this deep;

Leave her to rest and in private to weep, 252 more words


Searching for "X" is only useful if you're a pirate.


I’ve been told repeatedly to give up the ghost.

I have.

It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, possibly because I never thought I would have to.  457 more words


Swearing In Geesese

Jessie and Tim came hurtling down from the house to the creek paddock. Their bare feet ran sure and quick on the lush pasture, tough soles black with dirt and Jessie’s long corn blonde hair escaping the blue ribbon to fly out behind her like a kite’s tail. 1,937 more words