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Letting Go

I’ve come to find that letting go has lately been one of the hardest things for me. I went through a shocking breakup four months ago…and I still haven’t let go. 488 more words


24 hours

We have been taught about the fragility of life and how life can change instantaneously. Without warning. And I suppose we feel mis-trusting of life. 88 more words

Guilty as Self-Charged

The self-talk that comes along with pregnancy after loss takes me down many dark avenues. Wait, who am I kidding? The self-talk that comes along with life after loss has messed with me immensely. 815 more words


Today I sing for her

A sad melody echoes in the small room. My body sways somberly back and forth with a pace for mopping, somewhat keeping rhtym with the piano notes casting sharp staggering sounds as the vocals drop. 184 more words

Victoria Boan

Quickly Into Night

He went quickly into night,

A brief form swallowed up

In the shadows.

And I wasn’t there to wait for him,

To crane my neck and peel my eyes… 126 more words

Attempts At Finding Peace

Someone very special shared this poem with me. Someone very special shared the personal meaning this poem held for her. If it gives one more person an element of peace, it’s worth passing on. 177 more words


Thanks For Calling

“One day” ended up being today when I noticed a message in my “others” folder on Facebook from my cousin’s husband.  He informed me that my aunt wanted me to call her…last month.   325 more words