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Hugs that Heal

It has been over 10 years since my mother passed away.  She died of lung cancer at 49 years old.  It came as a shock to us that she only had six months to live, but left us in three.   511 more words

Music Will Be My Answer

I thought today was going to be an expressive writing day, where I desired plunging down and retrieving a few of the non-articulate swirling abstract emotions associated with death, and then solidify them in order to help me grasp onto the sidebars of reality, enabling me to walk straight, but however– I managed to roll over into the music world. 900 more words

Me Moments

Help Somebody Cry

There’s this myth that when girls hang out together a lot, their menstrual cycles become in sync. I know, strange way to start a post, but stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this. 911 more words

Poem Blogs

10 Years Later: Patty & David Skolnik Share What They Feel Today

Patty and David Skolnik were again at the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp this week, to lead the discussion after sharing the educational documentary film, The Story of Michael Skolnik, with almost 75 medical students, nursing students and resident physicians. 469 more words


Sibling Loss - Loss of My Youngest Brother, Kyle

Almost 8 years ago, at the end of August, I lost my 35 year old brother, Kyle. My mother’s youngest child, who had 5 older siblings. 810 more words


Death and Grieving

So my uncle is in hospice right now. He has maybe a week or so left. I went to visit today. A lot of my family was there. 830 more words