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Fool's Errand

It’s always a fool’s errand to preach what you don’t practice, but in today’s politics, that behavior is rewarded financially. Which by the way, attracts plenty of Grifters. 231 more words

Income Equality

One Billion Dollars Up For Grab

Apparently, one billion dollars to fulfill the illusions of wealthy billionaires, has its benefits. First, every Grifter in the Republican and Democratic Parties will be vying for some of those dollars. 214 more words

Income Equality


“This is all your fault!”

Jed thumped the side of his fist against the hull of the Arthnou, anger stamped firmly on his green eyed, and blonde-haired features. 1,125 more words


In Plain Sight

In plain sight Republicans had demonstrated their rules on governing. Governing is about winning elections. After that, anything goes, like a money train with stops at every Conservative organization. 183 more words

Income Equality

The BAR Associations: Modern day grifters

Marti Oakley


This is no different than if bank robbers formed a union and then voted to give themselves immunity from prosecution, based on the idea that without immunity they might be afraid to rob any more banks.

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Guardianship Abuse

Sunday Brunch: Claim Chowder With Word Salad

I should have seen this one coming: Alaska’s part-time governor and full-time grifter Sarah Palin responds to criticism of posting Trig, the likable Palin® standing on the back of—and I’m not making this up— 562 more words


Rotten Eggs

If you think bad service in the retail business is rampant, where do you think this attitude is cultivated? Probably, in the boardrooms of the Retail Corporations across the world. 766 more words