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Tax Cuts for the Rich Scam

A very impressive and elaborate scheme Grifters know the wealthy will drink it up like a thirsty runner. In a Marilyn Monroe voice, “Tax cuts for the rich,” is a salacious melody of words Grifters whisper to the wealthy. 78 more words



Grifterology for me, is the study of the basic manipulative strategies of Grifters. The road to understanding a Grifter starts with the vulnerabilities of his/her victims, i.e., fear, ego-addiction, and living in denial. 59 more words

Income Equality

Grifters and the Art of Scapegoating

The image adopted by Bob McDonnell was on full display at the 2012 CPAC. Although it took him decades to mastering the art of scapegoating, it paid off. 147 more words

Income Equality

Some Grifters Enjoy Preying on the Weak

This is freaking awesome watching a bonafide Grifter at the 2012 CPAC, exploit the vulnerabilities of his victims. In this case, Governor Bob McDonnell was knee deep in corruption.

You be the judge!


Basic Strategies of Grifters

After the shock wears off, Grifters like Bob McDonnell will naturally, “Play the Victim Card.” Of course Johnnie Williams’s name will be synonymous with secret agent. 116 more words

Income Equality

Happy Days

Chris Christie would never stand up to Putin for one reason. He has a lifetime membership to the club, “I’ll Never Be POTUS.” How predictable for Christie to construct another incendiary statement about President Obama to distract from his many failures as Governor of New Jersey. 38 more words

Richard Nixon's Ghost

Lucky Us


Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Pointillist. Love and loss ping-pongs haphazardly, puzzles, forming something beautiful.