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Grifters: The New Generation Is Here

I have been watching a new generation that are multiplying by the thousands.

And, thousands.

You are reading this blog for a reason.

Please educate yourselves today. 38 more words


The Grifters

Lilly Dillion is a master con artist. She knows all the angles and has seen it all. That’s why she knows her son Roy, trying himself to make it in the racket, is in over his head, especially after he takes a bat to the gut and ends up in the hospital. 2,277 more words


Tax Cuts for the Rich Scam

A very impressive and elaborate scheme Grifters know the wealthy will drink it up like a thirsty runner. In a Marilyn Monroe voice, “Tax cuts for the rich,” is a salacious melody of words Grifters whisper to the wealthy. 78 more words



Grifterology for me, is the study of the basic manipulative strategies of Grifters. The road to understanding a Grifter starts with the vulnerabilities of his/her victims, i.e., fear, ego-addiction, and living in denial. 59 more words

Income Equality

Grifters and the Art of Scapegoating

The image adopted by Bob McDonnell was on full display at the 2012 CPAC. Although it took him decades to mastering the art of scapegoating, it paid off. 147 more words

Income Equality

Some Grifters Enjoy Preying on the Weak

This is freaking awesome watching a bonafide Grifter at the 2012 CPAC, exploit the vulnerabilities of his victims. In this case, Governor Bob McDonnell was knee deep in corruption.

You be the judge!