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Holiday for Grifters

It’s public record that after being elected Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen, were financially struggling compared to their wealthy “friends?.” So, in order to keep up with the Kardashians, they needed a lot more money. 134 more words

Income Equality

Maybe He'll Run A Third Time?

Alaskastan’s not favorite son, Joe Miller has lost his bid to become their OTHER senator to former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan.

The Tea Party’s Miller lost to Sullivan 32% to 40%, and will not be facing incumbent U.S. 46 more words


Please Join Me

in honoring our exceptional leader and grace under fire, President Obama. Enough said!

You may, or may not believe this, but there will be those, lets call them Grifters, that will take advantage of this moment to solicit money. 70 more words

Income Equality

Impeachment For Grifters

If loving impeachment is wrong, Republicans don’t want to be right. I’m beginning to sense that Republicans are so horny in love with their impeachment scam, they can’t help fantasizing about it. 119 more words

The Fables Of Corporate Media

Should you help homeless people? Why or why not?

I think we should absolutely help homeless people. The real question is how to help them. A handout to a person standing on the corner with a sign is perhaps not the best way to make a difference.   24 more words


Working the long con

A couple of weeks ago, there was a big, late-night thunderstorm. Like a lot of dogs, Ms. P does not enjoy the noise, so she convinced Poppy to wake up and join/protect her in a quieter room for the night. 50 more words


Goldilock and the Three Branches of Government

Once upon a time, there were three branches of Government, i.e., the majority in the House of Representatives were Grifters, the minority in the Senate were con artists, but the Presidency was BRILLIANT! 58 more words

The Fables Of Corporate Media