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Article Review #2

Article Title: From the Beginning, ‘The Crow’ Had a Grim Side : Movies: James O’Barr’s comic book might have adapted smoothly to the big screen, but it was spurred by personal tragedy. 160 more words

Battle 038 - Cygnar vs Trollbloods, pHaley vs Grim Angus: Like Falling off a Temporal Barrier'd Bicycle

So I decided it was time to move back towards the warm embrace of Cygnar. Not that I have anything against Menoth… I’ve been having fun, and I still have about 500 points of models that aren’t assembled or painted… but after the last tournament, I realized that I really missed my boys in blue. 4,077 more words


Good Morning Nosferatu

by Chris Buchanan
Poetry, 2014

Dracula trotted home from the frightened Romanian pub
up the narrow brick road, soaking from the lightning,
and thought savory thoughts about slipping in a ruby tub… 227 more words


Pins and Needles

by Chris Buchanan
Poetry, 2013
From the collection Growing Up Too Fast

Red Riding Hood stared
at the wolf man
at the crossroads
at the path of needles… 108 more words


To Die Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure

by Chris Buchanan
Poetry, 2013
From the collection Growing Up Too Fast

Peter says you’re growing up too fast.
Says you’re getting too big for your tree… 123 more words


The Milstone Inn (Stamford)

Good Stabling and Loose Boxes.

For those unsure of what a ‘loose box’ is I’ve taken the time to find a definition. Here it is; … 367 more words



by Chris Buchanan
Flash fiction, 2013

I got lucky straight off the bat. Third day on the job. Let me tell you though, those first two days were the stuff of adventure books: angst, falling in love, rising to challenges, making amazing discoveries, secret identity and learning all the beginners’ lessons about responsibility and stuff. 1,133 more words

Short Story