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Disappointments in sport (and why they're good for you!)

Not a particularly positive title, but watching poor Cambridge lose horribly to Oxford just now, and partially thanks to an unfortunate ‘mishap’, was a funny kind of inspiration. 1,281 more words

The cause

Back on topic. I finally made contact with St Peter’s, and the lovely Petra sent me a snazzy running vest and fundraising pack:

So I am ready for action!! 371 more words

Run, swim, bike


Grizzlyday finally came around. And it was sunny!! I’ve been building it up for so long that it actually felt pretty surreal. I remember the feeling clearly from the times I coxed / rowed at women’s Henley. 544 more words


Last night I sat down with my Mum and shared the dates of my intended triathlons and swims, so she could write them in her diary (on the iPad, not a speedy process, pass me my Filofax any day :)) If that’s not commitment I don’t know what is, so I’ll come clean and share! 223 more words

Blogging from the bus

On the bus today, thought I’d make use of the time rather than gormlessly staring out of the window!

I met my Maltese friend Kris on my first day in Cambridge in 2000. 569 more words