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What Grinders, Scarifiers, Shot Blasters & Scabblers Can Do For You

Grinders, scarifiers, shot blasters and scabblers – these tools help contractors with the preparation of concrete surfaces. Whether it’s a repair job or decorative work, each of these machines have specific strengths for performing a number of jobs effectively. 1,221 more words

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Grinding a Coffee Bean

This is a nice visual, coffee beans that are in a coffee mug. However, this is useless. No one wants to chew massive amounts of bitter beans in the morning in order to ingest their caffeine. 177 more words


10 Easy Pieces: Salt And Pepper Grinders From Around The World

Pepper mills first appeared in European kitchens in the 14th century. Today, the concept of pepper grinding remains much the same, but the look of the mill, and the inner workings, have evolved. 22 more words

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Grinders pork sandwich recipe

Grinders BBQ Sauce is:

  • 2 qts quality Ketchup
  • 22 oz water
  • 1oz Worcestershire Sauce
  • 10 oz. Red wine vinegar.
  • 35 oz. Agave .
  • 10 oz. Adobo Pepper Sauce.
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Labor Day!  My salute to all the hard working men and women of America.  Especially the true laborers: the blue collar factory workers, the worker bees, the lunch pail crowd, the field hands, the garbage collectors, the mechanics, commercial fishermen, miners, heavy equipment operators, carpenters, restaurant workers, masons, dry wallers, electricians, plumbers, lumberjacks, farmers, tin men, roofers, ranchers, truck drivers, railroad workers, trappers, fur traders, and bartenders, etc.   106 more words