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Alpena, Michigan

I know! What is up with these small random towns?? But I have my reasons. My mom grew up here, and I have a lot of family still living there. 432 more words

United States

Skil Power Tools | Industry Hawk

Skil, rotary drills, impact drills, rotary hammer drills, cordless tools, Angle grinders, car polisher, wood working, bench top, marble cutters, heat guns

via Skil Power Tools | Industry Hawk.


Thirsty, Turned Up Grinders

A few kids were sitting in one of the classrooms “working”. Through the open door, I overheard…

GIRL1: A went to homecoming with B.
GIRL2: 92 more words


Types & Benefits Of Power Tools

A power tool is a tool that uses electric motors, internal combustion engines or compressed air to function. Power tools are used in industry, construction areas, garden, housework and other areas where there is a need for them. 856 more words


Meat Grinder

I was fished in by Google or Amazon. I had looked up meat grinders just out of curiosity and then I kept getting ads for meat grinders on everything. 226 more words

Sharpstone Grinders

I finally had to retire my grinder. I bought a Budweiser like grinder Freshman year when I met all my Hasbros (what we call ourselves). My friends made sure that I learned the ways of grinding weed and not hand picking it etc., which is still a thing that I like to do every now again, especially for bowls. 70 more words


Biohackers on "Grinders," Van Gogh's Other Ear and the Augmented Self at Techonomy

Eri Gentry, who works at the Institute for the Future and co-founded something called BioCurious, asked the audience at the Techonomy Conference if they “knew about Grinders.” 740 more words