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The refugees as political pawns?

Sombrero tip to Laura Carlsen:

Obama’s Immigration Independence Day (Major Garrett, National Journal, 3 July 2014).  National Journal is a conservative publication of some weight, covering the “inside baseball” of Washington politcs.  157 more words


Oh do not ask us why...

… Salvadorians are having to flee their country.  As if criminality (courtesty of U.S. prison gang MS-13) and the narcotics trade (serving U.S. consumer demand) isn’t enough for that poor country, there is a continuing agricultural crisis, with independent farmers unable to compete with U.S. 174 more words

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Well worth reading

“Children on the Run” (United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees).  This situation is neither new, nor unexpected (nor unprecedented) and while it is not going to be resolved without looking at the reasons for what the U.S. 449 more words


How dare they!

How bizarre…

Rather than, as politicians in the United States have been demanding, the Mexicans have developed a  southern border strategy that does not call for mass detention camps, or expulsions, or even something so weird as the U.S. 301 more words