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By a nose... or, You are so beautiful to me...

El Gringo Suelto is a few light-years above the usual “what I’m doing on my trip to Mexico” sites.   In good part this is because Kim G is not only a good writer and observer, but because the El Gringo Suelto is as much about being a gringo in Mexico as it is about trying to overcome his “suelto” status. 1,588 more words


Mexican(?) Thais and Mexican ties

(Thanks to Chris Simms, for noting a misunderstanding of mine that required a revision.  I moved two paragraphs and rewrote part of one.  Revisions in italics) 530 more words



In Cuenca, Ecuador we boarded a bus heading to Loja, where we could catch another smaller bus to Vilcabamba, a small town in the “valley of longevity” where residents are said to live well over 100 years. 604 more words


Baja Morning Reads

Now that the start of each day is like a Sunday morning, I enjoy reading the news of Baja.  Here are some of my Baja morning reads… 132 more words

MX Culture/News

Best attempt yet at figuring out the Venezuelan opposition

Celina Andreassi, in The Argentina Independent:

What the opposition had in economic power and support from the elites, it lacked in street presence. Here’s where the students come in. 326 more words