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Beer at Antares

I don’t know too much about beer except that it is delicious and I usually prefer IPAs and ambers. But a good beer can be hard to find in South America. 548 more words


From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

Even some billionaires bazillionaires understand that what people need is just the ability to acquire the tools of survival.  I always thought Slim got a raw deal in the media here in Mexico because he’s a rival to the powerful (and PRI-connected) Azucarraga clan that owns Televisa, and in the U.S. 298 more words


Institutional narcissism

“It has been suggested by Border Patrol leadership that they are the Marine Corps of the U.S. law enforcement community,” Tomsheck said. “The Border Patrol has a self-identity of a paramilitary border security force and not that of a law enforcement organization.”

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Monitoring the immigration crisis requires keeping one eye on Washington and one on the U.S.-Mexico border.

One place is full of corrupt and mercenary characters who protect their interests, don’t follow the rules, play with people’s lives and who only care about making money and amassing power and ensuring their own survival.

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The Complete Hot Dog

A friend of ours who, incidentally, is also moving to Chile soon shared a web series with us. 

It’s called Gringolandia. It’s brilliant.

A Chilean man falls in love with a woman from New York; he comes to the US; highjinks ensue. 69 more words

Getting There

But you can never leave...

In my 2008 “Gods, Gachupines and Gringos” I wrote:

One of the assumptions behind the NAFTA agreement was that Mexican wage earners would earn an inome more in line with those paid in the United states and would have no reason to emigrate.  392 more words