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What I Like About My Life: Part One

I’ve done a lot of complaining in my blog recently and I’ve been stumped for topics in a world full of them.  I don’t want to talk about who died this week, or which country is at war or what stupid thing the people in Washington, D.C. 282 more words

In To Me See

Beer writers: this is the one word you should be using

Recently, I’ve taken to the use of click-baiting bullshit titles. It’s fun, semi-ironic and does seem to drive a few additional hits, which I feel is a sad indictment on society. 840 more words



Isn’t that word an absolutely wonderful way of using our vocabulary? According to the dictionary, -ness denotes a state or condition of the noun to which it’s attached, so I’m talking here about the condition of expressing God. 760 more words


Why smart, young people GROK the word GROK. Do you grok GROK?

Do you grok the word “grok”?

I hadn’t heard (or used) it for years – until I recently heard lots of young hipster tech types using the word. 319 more words

ELK - Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana - magic combo

Got finally fed up with the fact that we don’t have all the log files easily searchable and indexed in a centralized location. I know the solution that I came up with a fellow colleague is not an optimal one (yet), but it will already now give us the agility to search the logs whenever it’s necessary. 930 more words

Finally Back!

So, after my conference last weekend, I took some time to evaluate my process and thinking about being Primal.  How is should be implemented, what things needing pruning, and what things needed strengthening.  234 more words


Workout 7/9/14

Tomorrow, I head out of town to a Fraternity conference in Indiana.  Getting my workouts will be a breeze.  Eating well will be a challenge.  I will do my best, but I know my two scheduled non-Primal meals will happen up there.  58 more words