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Groom Fakes His Own Death To Get Out Of Marrying His Fiance

Just imagine, your wedding day is within a few months. The planning is almost done. You’ve spent months trying to find the perfect dress, beautiful flowers, and gorgeous location. 229 more words


How to Groom a Cockapoo’s Face and Head

Grooming your dog’s face and head is the most important aspect of the entire groom job. After all we spend most of our time looking at that cute little face! 1,629 more words

All About Cockapoos


I was asked a while back to be my mate Alan’s best man, I thought at the time aye why not easy enough wee gig and I have a lot of time to prepare.  462 more words

The Flat Cap

live long and...laugh it off

Chris and I recently did a wedding for two music teachers who just happen to be delightfully geeky. Ryan, the groom, is really into Star Trek and I loved to see it pop up continually throughout the day. 193 more words



I did not expect this compilation to be this funny. In fact, I wasn’t sure what to expect? Groomsman feinting, overly excited couples wiping out on the… 111 more words


Surreal August Day

That special day in August unfolded like someone else’s storybook pages. A fairytale wedding evolved in which I played the role of mother of the bride or MOB in today’s acronym shorthand. 547 more words