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Obama Has No Time To Meet With '09 Fort Hood Shooting Victims

On 08 April 2014, retired SSGT Alonzo Lunsford  sent a letter to the White House requesting a brief meeting with Obama while he was at Fort Hood on 09 April to honor the victims of the most recent shooting. 245 more words


Men's Rights Poetry Corner: "Feminists Killed Kurt Cobain."

Yesterday, several days after the twentieth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, A Voice for Men took a moment to honor the brilliant musician who tragically ended his life at the age of only 27. 696 more words


March Madness: Obama VS. Putin

Needless to say our foreign policy is in shambles. The “Red Line” in Syria meant nothing and Putin knew this and sided with Assad. He also knew that our discussions with Iran would have no teeth and may pull out of any further negotiations. 254 more words


If This Administration Want's Its Troops To Run Toward The Sound Of Guns, Don't Shoot Them In The Back When They Do!!!

The proposed 2015 Pentagon budget will raise healthcare costs for certain members of the military and drastically trim subsidies for the commissaries that provide discounted groceries to troops and their families. 267 more words


Is There Any Wonder Why Congress Has Only A 12% Approval Rating??

Anyone sensible person who listens to the news or reads a paper, understands the mess this country is in. We have the ObamaCare debacle, high unemployment and under employment, the ever-expanding national debt, the lack of any foreign policy, Putin and the Crimea, Iran and N. 140 more words


Talk About Bad Timing!!!

Last week, Sec. of Defense Hagel rolled out a budget that would shrink the Army to pre World War II levels. This included significant cuts to military personnel to include commissary privileges, healthcare, and cost of living adjustments to military retirees younger than 62. 260 more words


The Morons on the Hill Continue to Amaze!!

There are some Democrats on the Hill who are spinning Obamacare and the economy as a positive thing by casting the decline in American working hours as a… 243 more words