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Take the Fight to ISIS, NOW!!!

With respect to ISIS, Obama’s strategy is containment. Containment my ASS!!  This is no strategy! We need to find them and kill them all. Eradication not Containment. 243 more words


World War III !!!

You just have to look around at what’s happening in the world to realize that if action isn’t taken and taken soon, all hell will break loose more than it is now. 236 more words


Perception is Reality!!

Pick up most any national newspaper or listen to any broadcast or cable news station and see all the turmoil going on in the world. We have a major crisis on our southern border with illegals freely streaming across, Hamas and Israel going at it, and the Ukraine being invaded by Russia along with a Russian made SA-11 missile that shot down a Malaysian passenger plane killing 298 people. 223 more words


A Voice for Men's Attila Vinczer is trying to "dox" me. It's not going well for him so far.

This morning I found a strange message in my notifications on Twitter:

@DavidFutrelle Uncovers, the unrecoverable about MRAs in his own little feeble mind.

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Sending "Pink Slips" to the War Zone!!!

In the effort to cut back our armed forces, the administration is doing the ridiculous. On 11 July, the Pentagon announced it is sending out… 292 more words


Obama: Worst President Since WWII!!!

During the last 18 months, Obama’s popularity has really plunged. According to a new Quinnipiac poll , 33% of Americans voters  say he’s the worst president post-WWII. 188 more words